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Healing Circle - Multidimensional Colour Healing
Healing Circle
Healing Circle - Multidimensional Colour Healing

Multidimensional Colour Healing
Session 9 (
25-11-03 ) Attachment

We will begin by opening this Healing Circle with a prayer. I ask that the Creator surround each of us with a pure white light of protection, and that each of us will be blessed with the enlightenment we seek. So mote it be.

In this circle we are concluding the series on “Colour Healing” and the ways in which it can be applied.

Once again I will start with this quote from Pythagoras (585-495 B.C.)
“When the magical power of sound and colour are rediscovered and directed to specific purposes, there will be energies of a higher dimension transcending those unleashed by the atom today."

As healers, it is possible to tap into interdimensional realms of consciousness. This collective consciousness, being the Creator.
As spiritually focused seekers, we learn that the universe is not created in a linear format, with everything in a neat little row of past, present, and future.

Many healers able to use colour in healing and see the universe as a hologram; a multi-faceted gem. The colour energy healer views the person he/she is working with in a holographic way.

Barbara Brennan mentions this view in several of her wonderful books on healing.

The colour healer while using the light energy, which emanates from Source, is reflective of the full colour spectrum. As mentioned in our last Healing Circle, colour is frequency of light.

Each colour hue and shade vibrates at a specific frequency. Certain rays of colour, can be used not only for enlightenment, attunement, and communication with intelligence's beyond our five senses.

But also for healing the body, mind, and emotions. Colour therapy (or as I like to think of it "Rainbow Healing" can align the spiritual essence of a being. Its multi-level source of emanation makes it a very powerful method of healing.

On the physical plane, colour is known for its healing (or lack of healing) properties. We covered this in the last circle so we won’t repeat that now. But something I didn’t mention is that colour on this planet (third dimension) is pigmented colour (deposition of colour by cells) not radiant colour There is a difference.

Colour on the inner planes, are radiant rays. Very different to what we experience on the physical plane. Healing is accomplished utilizing colour energy rays along with spiritual intent or idea of Source.

Our physical eyes cannot see this radiant colour However, our inner psychic sight is capable of perceiving this luminous brilliance.
These etheric rays of light, properly channeled, provide an intense healing experience. The energies of a person are uplifted and harmonized, and clarity is restored.

Much of its benefit and the degree of healing attained depend, of course, on how receptive or open the person is to the light.
However, the person need not be a believer in order to gain benefit for this mode of healing. Although a consideration is how much past negative karma and thinking he/she is willing and able to release.

A healer channeling these radiant rays can at the very least help to awaken the persons own healing energies.
One does not, however, have to be in a state of extreme imbalance to benefit from colour healing. No application of light is ever wasted.

The more one is infused with light, the closer one is to the realization that he/she and the cosmic Light are one and the same.
The colour healer attunes to these rays and acts as a prism magnifying and refracting and then directing these rays.

Healing Circle - Multidimensional Colour Healing

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