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Healing Circle – Introduction to Healing - Meditation
Healing Circle
Healing Circle – Introduction to Healing - Meditation

Introduction and Meditation

Session 1 (29-07-03)

This is going to be an interactive circle for all levels of development. There are a number of healers here with a variety of experience so we have a wealth of knowledge among us to share.

We will be making a journey of discovery together; a large part of spiritual growth and development is self-discovery and self-mastery. As we discover what awesome magical beings we truly are, our psychic abilities will flourish, our awareness will expand and our ability to channel healing energy will become more powerful.

The plan at this time is to explore one area at a time which over time, when all combined will form a good foundation upon which to cultivate our abilities as healers.

At times we will be led off the subject to explore various areas and this is good, as we WILL be lead by spirit into areas that are necessary at the time for any number of reasons which may be unknown to us at the time. But often in retrospect it will be apparent.

Because this is a healing circle, healing will be going on at a spiritual and subconscious level, which you may or may not be aware of at the time. Spiritual development and inner healing is a very personal experience and we will be open to this at any time during the circle.

I am hoping that each of us will be able to leave Ego outside the door as we enter the Healing Sanctuary and enter only with a sincere desire to share and in doing so heal, and grow into awesome channels of powerful healing energy.

The plan is to cover one topic at a time and to carry each topic to its conclusion (what ever that conclusion might be). If not completed before the end of the circle it will be carried over into the next session. Each of you dictates the pace at which we go. Any and all feedback will be appreciated. Please remember this circle is for you.

I think that it would be wise at this point to define exactly what Spiritual Healing is.

Spiritual Healing is any technique that uses subtle energies for healing. Such energies are only now starting to be recognized by western medicine. Most eastern medical systems have acknowledged and used such forces for hundreds to thousands of years. "Chi" and "Prana" are two of the better-known names for these energies. They are related to, and can be directed by, a person's consciousness. Because of this, one can receive such healing forces either in the presence of, or at a distance from, the healer being worked with.
Typically spiritual healing is used to shift subtle energy patterns that may be obstructing the healthy functioning of life in the ordinary world of mind, heart and body. Healing is usually directed to an individual but it can also be helpfully sent to practically any collection of beings or situations. In general the more specific the target for healing is, the more energy that is available to promote recovery and well-being.
Healing is not counseling! It can be used as an aid but most practitioners do not have access to sufficient power or good merit to literally shift the mental state of a client. The most practical approach for emotional and mental work is to supplement counseling with spiritual healing. The counseling helps slowly shift a person's thoughts and feelings, and the healing shifts energy patterns so that the overall change process is facilitated and quickened in a gentle way.
Methods that are commonly used for spiritual healing work include:
• Prayer
• Visualization
• Channeling of spiritual energy (for instance: prana, reiki)
• Channeling of Spiritual Helpers and Guides
• Personal spiritual realization
• Advanced levels of concentration
• Psychic abilities
• Bodhicitta (Universal Compassion)

The first topic to explore will be meditation. Meditation is the single most important part of spiritual/psychic development. The reason being meditation is the way within; it is the door through which we pass to discover ourselves, the universe and the Source of all. Therefore we should begin by understanding the purpose of meditation.

There is much information available regarding the multi-dimensional existence in which you, as a soul exist. There are many methods of correlating the various aspects of your being, understanding and recognizing that there are many layers of existence that can be understood, can be inter-related, and can be known for what they are as you move through and transcend the physical, three dimensional plane. There are many words that are used to describe the process of integration of consciousness as all the various aspects of who you think you are and who you know you are, are correlated and merged.

One of the concepts offered is the concept of meditation. It is a word that stirs up much anticipation, much understanding and misunderstanding about the process and the purpose of what is called meditation.

There is only one purpose and that is to transcend the physical, three-dimensional world and to connect with, in consciousness, that which is in the non-physical, that which lies beyond the realm of the sensory world in which you are embodied, that which extends into the infinite realm of the cosmic Consciousness of Creation.

There is no other purpose for meditation. There is along the way, as one begins to meditate, a feeling of some temporary benefit, some temporary acceptance of the fact that there is a realm beyond the physical. There is a temporary acceptance of the movement of energy that transcends the physical and the emotional state of being. Meditation is not leading toward an end point. It is leading toward an infinite realization of that eternal being you are as a soul, an emanating ray of the divine essence of the Consciousness of Creation.

As you contemplate and meditate, as you reflect upon that which lies beyond, don’t let the temporary aspects or benefits of meditation become an end unto themselves. There is certainly a sense of peace, a sense of harmony, a sense release, and of acceptance.

There is a sense of expansion, a sense of moving into that which cannot be defined in human terms, because, how do you describe the infinite capacity of the Consciousness of Creation as simply being that which is.

Meditation is a most important process and one that should be a daily if not moment-by-moment experience. It is a simple process, but one that takes focus, intent, desire, and commitment to move through the three-dimensional boundary to simply allow the consciousness of the soul to expand and merge with the infinite realm of the consciousness of oneness.

Are there any Questions?

(To provide privacy for all we have removed the names, as a guide to the conversation we have replaced them with the following -

G: = Guide
M: = Member
H: = Healer)

M: How do you know you are meditating and not just relaxing?
G: The signs are unmistakable, as mentioned above there will be a sense of expansion, a flowing and merging into all. But this takes time to achieve. Just learning how to focus is a big step for a beginner.
M: Where does a body that becomes completely still and heavy, almost like becoming a casing that is loosened from the consciousness, fit in?
G: I would say that the body was completely relaxed and ready to go further. How did the mind and spirit feel at the time?
M: Wonderful and lots of sensations, is this normal to meditation - or is it a part of "astral dabbling" - or is that part of meditation?
G: I think it is normal, but you need to recognize that you can go much further; recognizing the signs, acknowledging them and continuing to flow with it is part of the process.

I realize that there was allot said here, which might be new territory for some of you. I felt that it is necessary to realize that the reason for meditation goes far beyond relaxation. This session will be posted in the archive if you feel that a review is necessary.

G: When you have a number of people come together with the same purpose in mind the energy builds, and this brings the group up and along on a higher vibration. Much more of a spiritual and healing nature can be accomplished this way.

Further information on Meditation and related topics can be found in the library.


Healing Circle – Introduction to Healing - Meditation

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