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Healing Circle

Healing Energy
Session 14 (

Each I’d like to welcome you all to tonight’s healing circle. This is an interactive healing circle for all levels of development. I encourage each of you to feel free to discuss your experiences within the circle and to ask any questions that arise.
When you have a question please indicate with ?. We will begin by opening this Healing Circle with a prayer.

We ask the Creator to guide and protect us and enable us to find peace within.
May we trust our highest power that we are exactly where we are meant to be. May we not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May we use those gifts that we have received and pass on the love that has been given to us. May we be content knowing we are a child of God. Let his presence settle into our bones, and allow our souls the freedom to sing and dance. It is there for each and every one of us.

So Mote It Be

It occurred to me this morning that perhaps a little background of what specifically this healing energy is, that we work with in our circle, and how and why it this awesome power works.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It is omnipresent and exists in all things and simply passes from one form to another. Have you ever stopped to consider where your life's energy comes from? Where did it exist before your birth? Where does it go when you die?
What keeps your heart and lungs pumping and your body's thermostat at precisely at 98.6 degrees? How do your body's trillions of cells know to work in harmony, expressing as you? Life force energy is the consistent, harmonizing element in all aspects of your being and our world.

In Eastern cultures, energy has been recognized for thousands of years as the foundation of all life. In Western culture, understanding the role of energy has yet to permeate our daily life. However, you know intrinsically when you are flowing with energy and when you are not.

Over 50 years ago, the science of quantum physics discovered what ancient cultures embraced; that energy truly is the basis of life. It was proven that the atom, the smallest structure in the universe, is made up of 94.5% empty space. This revealed that what you can see, touch and sense is only 5% of reality. Your physical body only represents 5% of who you are. You are 95% vibrating energy.

When you embrace this concept, it opens a whole new world of multi-dimensional thinking and healing. Contemporary thought is just beginning to catch up with this understanding and assimilate quantum physics into our expanding consciousness of Life force energy. We live in two parallel universes, one of linear time, space and form, and the other of formlessness and divine spirit. Physics acknowledges that our divinity is fused into of our physical bodies as the Life force energy. We are transcendental and ethereal by nature. In reality, we are spirit in human form, more than human beings with a spirit.

Energy healing, sometimes called vibrational healing, is an ancient healing art that taps into the Life force energy within every cell of your body. The energy healer understands that your mind and your whole consciousness reside in every cell, the smallest living unit of your body. Each cell has its own intelligence, which is stored in its DNA, your genetic blueprint. Your cells are constantly communicating to each other, to you and through you.

To truly heal, you must address the Life force energy present in every cell, as well as your physical body. Energy healers read the Life force energy in your entire being for blocks and imbalances, which lower your body and energy field vibrations.

Negative thoughts, unresolved emotions, past traumas, can lower your vibrational energy. External factors such as: processed foods you eat, electromagnetic frequencies of microwaves and TVs, environmental toxins, drugs, curses and wayward entities also negatively influence your vibrational frequency.

The healing process releases the energetic blocks, whereby raising your energy vibration to reveal greater health, clarity, well being and connection to a greater power. Would anyone like to make a comment or ask a question at this point?

M: I agree so far. As within so without.
This is what this circle is all about. We are gathered here to gather and combine our energy to raise our own energetic frequency, so that we may heal others and ourselves.
We will begin the healing session as we did last week by centering. Bring your attention to your breathing. Slowly breathe in, hold it for several seconds then release the breath completely
Breathe in slowly and evenly again.Then breathe out fully
Breathing is a very important part of centering and raising energy. Throughout the circle please stay partially aware of your breathing, allowing your breath to flow slowly and evenly.

M: Breath is life.
G: This is correct

Now while breathing we will ground ourselves. Imagine that you are a tree sending your thirsty roots swiftly down into the earth for nourishment. Feel the moist soil, the rock, the coolness of the earth as your roots spread outward on their journey. BECOME the tree, feel the rough texture of your bark, feel your limbs reaching outward and upward in search of the suns warm energizing light. Feel the leaves that are gently attached to your boughs. Feel them shimmering in a soft warm breeze. You ARE the tree, and now fully grounded.

Continue to be aware of your slow even breathing. As we begin the energy raising process Bring your attention back to your roots, which are resting in the soil. Now using your roots draw life-giving energy up from the soil just as you would moisture to feed your trunk and branches. Feel this energy moving swiftly upward. Feel it traveling up your legs into your torso filling each of your chakras as it moves past your hips up into your chest and down your arms to your fingertips. Feel it surging through your heart, throat, and head and flowing out of your crown charka.

You may now feel tingling through out your body as if it is becoming more alive. This is a very normal and wonderful occurrence. Remember to be aware of your breathing.

Now it is time to connect to source. Feel your crown charka open up. (On the very top of your head). Visualize yourself drawing down and brilliant pure white light energy. This is universal energy and the energy we are going to use for healing. If you have your own method that you are more accustomed to this is great.

Feel this beautiful soothing energy flow softly through you. To the tips of your fingers and downward to the tips of your toes.
What we are going to do next build up the energy to project for healing purposes. We do this by extending our arms over our heads and interlocking our fingers together and then raising our two middle fingers together and pointing them upward. The thumbs are pointed upward side by side.

This step is not absolutely necessary but I find it speeds things up.

In this way I call down and extra quick burst of energy. A jump-start.
This is done by visualizing a bolt of energy coming down from above and directly to the fingers. Like lightening.

Just in case you are wondering it is completely painless.

Visualize this energy flowing down through fingers and arms to your solar plexus. Where it will form a ball of beautiful white light.

At this point I ask that you visualize us gathered around creating a circle of light as we prepare to send out this healing energy to those who have requested healing on the message boards. As well as those in the circle who need healing or those who are here to request healing for family or friends.

The names of those who have requested healing on our message board are:
Alistair, Allen, Andrew, Angela, Annie, Cindy, Cody, Darlene, Dee, Goran, Harry, Ian, Ingrid, Jean, Jessie, Joe, Joyce, Judith, Kevin, Koolmum, Liz, Lucy, Miriam, Mish, Nadine, Norma, Pauline, Peter, Ruth, Stuart, Sue, Tom, Tracy, Tub, Violet
Does anyone have anyone they would like to add to this list?
Gerard, Amber, Fraggle’s cat, Kay, WhiteDove, Eamon, Bernadette, Sue, Cesca, Andrew, Paul, Scott, Caz, Tina, Kirk, Liam, Patsy, Nicolas, Mary

See all those requesting healing standing in the center of our circle waiting to be healed, as the energy builds.

As the energy builds and the ball of light in your solar plexus grows reach way down deep inside your selves and bring forth all the love within you. visualize a steady stream of beautiful brilliant white light flowing from your solar plexus along with all the love that you have tapped from within.

We are now going to project this healing energy from within our solar plexus to these people awaiting healing.

SEE it and Feel it flowing. KNOW that it IS flowing and healing those in the center of our circle.

Know that each person will receive exactly what he or she needs to bring about the best possible outcome.

So Mote It Be. So it is.

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