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Cleansing Your Chakra's - Counselling Session Part 3

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Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras
Healing Circle
Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras

Counseling Session Part 3
Session 12 Continued (14-1-04)

In the previous two sessions we discussed and defined our various subtle inner parts or inner selves, and how we can become more aware of, and communicate with them, and along with this that each of these parts has an important “inner” role to play in our lives.This we have demonstrated using various colors to invoke and create a connection. Being guided by the wide range of emotional and physical affects they have had on our minds and bodies, we have been able to “give voice” to these inner parts.

Now that I have refreshed your memories (those of you who attended) we will wrap it up.
When we are born into this world we each have a special mission to accomplish, a part to play in the grand scheme of things. Your desire to attend these sessions is a good indication that you have taken a solid step forward and are half way to discovering your part or mission.

Most people never get to this point. To learn what is important, to know what is missing and what you want in this lifetime is vital. So take heart, you are well on your way to finding your answers………..(energy follows intent)

Believe and have faith in yourself!!! Parts of your “inner self” are gentle and knowing, and believe in you completely and unconditionally. As you discovered in the previous sessions you can honor this inner spirit and create space and quiet time for it to share with you.You can actively meet with your inner spirit.This ability has been with you from the time that you were born and awaits your readiness.

Have the courage to go within and embrace all that you find there.You may find some sad or unhappy things there, but that is OK. Simply accept the sad with one hand and the sweet and happy with the other, bring both together within your heart and let it all wash through you. Know that your real self is whole and good. All these experiences are part of life and will find their rightful place within you.

You will be stronger for allowing this to take place. In truth you are a spiritual being and will naturally be drawn toward the light and love. Accept this. It is universal law and applies to us all. In this crazy world a wonderful way to attain deeper levels of truth and meaning is through spiritual development. If you have not yet tried meditation and you feel drawn to this there is some excellent material in the archive on this site.

Making meditation a regular part of your daily life is the straightest way forward and just takes a little persistence. You CAN do it, we all can….Your desire to grow and understand the meaning and purpose of life is wonderful……

Now as I mentioned in a circle a few months ago… I believe that we have come together (each with our own precious abilities and gifts to share), at this time to help and guide each other along our paths. Knowing that there are others here sharing the same interests, also on their own spiritual quests is very comforting. Realizing that we are here with a common purpose affords us a special opportunity to express our ideas and concerns.

Please ask me now or in the future questions or concerns that you may have in mind at this time. You may be going through a particular phase of development that you wish to discuss. Or a question you might like answered.

Before we close the circle I ask that we visualize us forming a circle of light together, so that we can collectively send out healing energy to those who have made requests for help and healing. Lets us reach down deep within ourselves and connect with and bring forth all the love and light that dwells there. We will now combine with this the healing energy available to us from within the universe. Visualize Rainbow Rays of light passing through your chakras, project these rays to the ones who requested our help knowing that each person will receive exactly what he/she needs for the best possible outcome.

Those who have requested healing are: Allen, Andrew, Conny,Cindy, Cody, Darlene, Dee, Eva, Goran, Gerry, Harry, Ian, Ira, Ingrid, Jean, Jessie, Joe, Joyce, Judith, Kevin, Liz, Lucy, Miriam, Nadine, Norma, Patsy, Pauline, Peter, Margaret, Ruth, Stuart, Sue, Tom, Tracy, Tub

Before we close I think we should visualize any stray energy that we have generated being drawn back into the circle and send it to the person directly in front of you.

So Mote It Be
The circle is now closed

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