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Cleansing Your Chakra's - Colour Palette Healing

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Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras
Healing Circle
Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras

Counselling Session part 2

Colour Palette Healing
Session 11 Continued (14-12-04)

Before beginning this second part of these counselling sessions you might like to create a little sanctuary for yourself within close proximity of your computer screen. A glass of fresh water, and some crayons, markers or pens along with some paper will be helpful. If these are not available to you that is ok you will be able to follow along.

Take a couple of deep breaths and release them slowly. Now relax. Click on the Colour Palette. Slowly pass you cursor over the colours. Note those that you feel a kind of affinity with. Some may make you feel cheerful. Notice which ones cause you to feel sad, perhaps even anxious. Some may cause you to find kind of blah. Even these are important. Make a note of each colour that you are affected by so that you can reflect on this later. Take your time….

Those of you who have attended previous circles will recall the power of colour and its many healing vibrations. Using colour is a powerful and beautiful method of accessing our unconscious. As we continue you will notice the different sensations that seem to be associated with certain colours. What is happening is that your sub personalities, inner child and guides are selecting these colours to be their voice. They are selecting the colour frequencies that are most suited to saying what they need to say through the feelings that they invoke.

Therefore during this session you will want to pay very close attention to your reactions; to how both your body and mind feel. Notice how your body parts are feeling. Your subs will speak to you through the sensations in these parts. By bringing your awareness to them you will be able to hear the story they wish to impart. When you hear this story then you will begin the healing process.

Here is an example of this… A man who has suffered lower back and pelvic pain. During therapy he becomes subtly aware of this painful area. As he tunes in and senses out this area he becomes aware of a certain anger and sadness associated with this. Then when he allows himself to talk as if he actually is this pain in his back, he begins to speak as a child and cries because of a painful relationship with his mother. When he senses for a colour for this painful area he discovers that dark red speaks to him.

In this example the man gave expression and life to the back pain. It had a texture of feeling, colour, and words. This is the type of expression that you will strive for in the following explorations. Don’t worry about how well you do, or how much you discover. Whatever you manage will be of great value. Have confidence in your own innate wisdom and abilities, they are there, they are you, and they are real!!!

Take a deep breath and relax for a moment then say the following to yourself: "I am willing to more fully acknowledge and embrace my inner gifts and intuitions.” I now have companions to help me along my way. Pay attention to how you react to this statement. How does it feel? Try to include any emotion, sensation, body area, thought, and or image for each of your experiences.

If you don’t notice anything at all that is ok too. Just gently be aware of whatever presents itself. Relax and allow it to flow. Take your time…
Write or draw what is significant to you from the investigation including a body part or location, sensation, emotion, colour and any thoughts that comes to mind. There is no rush….

Next repeat the previous exploration, but this time instead say: "The path I am travelling sometimes is unclear. I care, but my progress feels blocked." Again, take note of all your significant reactions and colours that surface for you.

Perhaps you will need to refresh your memory and check out the colours again, to give your unconscious companions another opportunity to speak with and through you. As before, collect all the different pieces, colour, body location, thoughts, feelings, images, sounds and whatever else seems right to you. Allow and trust yourself. Let it flow….. your guides and higher self is here with you and working to support you in this endeavour. You can rely on this truth because it applies for all of us.

Some of your unconscious parts may be angry or sad. Some may even want to fight, but each has its common goal of wanting to protect and support you from their own particular vantage point. So in this way these unconscious parts are your friends.

M: Why purple for me? All I have ever seen is purple.
G: How do you feel about the colour purple?
M: In my thoughts, my dreams, my wants, it is safe to me. My colour, everything purple

M: I feel a bit odd now for saying that!
G: Then this is the message it has for you
G: No need to feel odd, sense into the colour and go with what you feel relating to it.

These aspects of ourselves are like children trying to make sense of this world without the luxury of adult understanding. Although it is not easy to be tolerant and accepting of these aspects of us that create pain and difficulty, we need to muster up all the compassion and appreciation possible. They are like family, we all love our families even thought we may fight or argue with them. We need to allow the same flexibility in our relations with our unconscious selves as well. Don’t push it, just be confident that in time you will be capable in a very balanced way.

In conclusion write a short story about all the colours and experiences that have arisen and revealed themselves to you. Give names to each of these collections of experience.

For example, from the previous story about the man with the painful lower back, a name of "Hurt and Angry Child" could be given to his lower back which shouted "leave me alone!" and appeared dark and angry red. Make these names personal and come alive for yourself. They could be representations of people that you have known around the time of the memories and images associated with the colour and feelings.

For example, most will always have a subpart (even more than one) that represents and carries the voices of our mother. There might be a "Loving Mother" and an “Impatient Mother" and perhaps others.

This is your story!!! In your story have the named colours participating in a journey toward spirit. Interpret your difficulty or situation in terms of this journey, in such a way as to bring about a satisfactory resolution of your concerns, that will mean progress on your journey toward spirit. Give life and action to these people or forces, give them voice. Allow them to channel the story through yourself.

Your story should be complete enough to allow each character to fully voice and act as needed to share what it needs with the other actors, your playing the part of the director in the script. Allow it to evolve, as it will, be open, curious, and flexible; yet do not force it to conclude in a specific way. It is important that you give voice to any emotions that are particularly insistent in wishing to speak regarding your journey.

It isn’t easy at times but be assured that the rewards will be worth while.I realize that you may not complete this story right now; as we don’t not have allot of time. Perhaps you can set aside time as soon as you are able, then create a sanctuary for yourself once again, and review this session in the archive; and once again take it up and complete it. You may find the task challenging but the rewards will be very enlightening. Save your writings and drawings and review them from time to time.

In reviewing them you will be able to confirm your continued positive transformation. You will likely find that the many strands of your life, as identified in your story, are slowly and steadily shaping into a firmer more reliable whole.

In the next and last part after the holidays we will complete the task in helping you process through any strong emotional responses you may have had while writing and directing your story.

G: > I understand that it is all to swallow in one night.
M: Are you are talking about the past and present story?
G: yes I am because the body is like a record a history of emotions and events.

Before we close the circle I ask that we visualize us forming a circle of light together, so that we can collectively send out healing energy to those who have made requests for help and healing. Lets us reach down deep within ourselves and connect with and bring forth all the love and light that dwells there. We will now combine with this the healing energy available to us from within the universe. Visualize Rainbow Rays of light passing through your charkas. Project these rays to the ones who have requested our help knowing that each person will receive exactly what he or she need for the best possible outcome. Those who have requested healing are:
Allen, Andrew, Cindy, Cody, Darlene, Dee, Eva, Goran, Harry, Ian, Ingrid, Jean, Jessie, Joe, Joyce, Judith, Kevin, Liz, Lucy, Miriam, Nadine, Norma, Pauline, Peter, Ruth, Stuart, Sue, Tom, Tracy, Tub and Rainbows Mum Claire

So Mote It Be

Before we close I think we should visualize any stray energy that we have generated. Mentally drawn back into the circle and direct it to the person directly in front of you.

Thank you for coming and sharing your energy within the circle.

The Circle Is Now Closed

Written by Amberdrake, Designed & Editing by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003

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