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Cleansing Your Chakra's - Counselling Session Part 1

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Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras
Healing Circle
Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras

Counselling Session Part 1

Session 10 (7-12-03 )

We will begin by opening this Healing Circle with a prayer. We ask the Creator to guide and protect us and enable us to find peace within. May we trust our highest power that we are exactly where we are meant to be. May we not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May we use those gifts that we have received and pass on the love that has been given to us. May we be content knowing we are a child of God. Let his presence settle into our bones, and allow our souls the freedom to sing and dance. It is there for each and every one of us..

When beginning a journey there are several considerations to be made. The starting point, the route and the destination. In terms of spiritual growth the starting point would be becoming familiar with ones character and personal qualities. The route could be said to be the process of self-mastery. The destination could be said to be enlightenment.

The three counseling sessions spread over the next two weeks will provides you with a way to contact your inner self and begin assessing whom and how you really are and where you fit in your inner as well as outer world.

Parts of your inner self are wise and capable and believe in you fully. Working through these sessions will provide a means of honouring your inner self and creating a space and quiet time for it to share with you. You will actively meet with your inner heart and discover what all parts of your being have to share. Through this both your whole and your hurt inner voices will have a means of expression and a way to cooperate and discover a fair solution for your entire self.

By giving these sessions your undivided attention and enthusiasm you will gain a fuller understanding of Next weeks Healing Circle counseling meditation makes extensive use of colours to help you to access your inner self and your current situation. These insights will be from both psychological and spiritual aspects.

In preparation for next week’s session you will need a basic understanding of what is meant by the term “unconscious” in this case. To start you might want to consider yourself divided in to four loosely related parts, body, mind, heart and spirit.

Modern neuroscience tells us that much of the brain's processing is unconscious. That is, it is too subtle for us to notice in our everyday awareness. In particular, much of our thinking and feeling occurs at a level that we usually do not perceive.

Psychotherapy, and spiritual development are similar in that they are both concerned with helping us become more self-aware. The main difference is that therapy usually helps us become more aware of our underlying thoughts and feelings whereas spiritual practice is chiefly aimed at helping us to become familiar with our spiritual part. So, the goal in both cases is to gradually incorporate a wider range of experience into our "normal" awareness.

Through psychotherapy and counseling, we can learn to gain access to our usually unconscious processes when needed. And this helps allot, because the many problems that people deal with in life are mostly self-generated. And these problems come from the stress stored in those unconscious areas.

Psychological research has shown that our basic character and attitude is set by the time we reach the age of five or six. That is, from then on we have a basic predisposition and strategy for dealing with life. And it is normal that most of us have quite a dose of dysfunctional behaviour included in that conditioning stemming from our early interactions with parents, siblings and the community at large.

We each have a conscious self but although we normally act as a single person each of us is actually made up of a collection selves. These sub-personalities operate on an unconscious level so we are not usually aware of them. In effect, they collectively vote on what we need to do in any situation and the brain acts to total their votes together so that the end result seems as if we, at a conscious level, make the decision as a single identity.

Therapy increases our sensitivity to a point where we begin to become aware of these subs that have a semi-autonomous life of their own. We do have a conscious self, but what you need to realize is that we also have these sub-personalities that have somewhat of a say in what we do also. This is entirely normal and not to be worried over.

The important idea is that some of these sub-personalities are unhappy and some are quite positive. Further, quite a few are a mixture of both. One important subpart that you may have heard of is called the Inner Child. The one other thing to note, which you probably already know, is that we all have Inner Guides. Depending on what your beliefs are, these can be spiritual entities, sub-personalities or some combination of these. Functionally it is sufficient to consider them as subparts. That is, they have a vote in how we run our lives too - along with our conscious self and our unconscious subparts.

At the next healing circle we will begin our inner exploration, you might like to try to set up a cozy spot in sight of your computer screen, with a pad of paper to write or draw on and perhaps have a variety of pens and markers available. Try to make a quiet sanctuary for yourself where you can be comfortable. Be creative.

I know this is a lot of theory to consider, if you have any questions now is a good time to ask.
M: How does one differentiate between sub personalities and spiritual entities? I have trouble sometimes defining the two

G: This is a very good question. For some of us the energy will feel different. For others it might take experience to recognize the difference as it could be easy to mistake one for the other.
for some of us, but than again at times there will be a certain resonance. An AHA! moment. Does this answer your question?
M: Yes thank you.
M: How can one integrate all parts of self?
G: When the time is right for integration there will be an experience of acceptance. It is all very subjective and difficult to describe
M: In this life time?
G: Possibly, it is difficult to determine for the individual. When you are ready it will happen for you.
M: Thank you
M: What if one feels they have to integrate in this lifetime and it may not be achievable what happens then?
G: It can happen either on the physical plane or on the planes of the imagination. Both being equally valid, both doing what is required.
M: Through visualisation?
G: Yes very much so.
M: Thank you you have answered my question.
M: At this time it is necessary to overcome some fears, perhaps a battle will need to be fought. This can be done in a number of ways. But the important thing to keep in mind is the acceptance.
M: You speak of psychotherapy what if one does not want to delve into the psyche, and bring up hurt?
G: It can done on the planes of the imagination thorough visualization, using symbols. Somehow symbols are easier to deal with. But there is still a certain amount of releasing to be done.
M: Can one dissolve past hurt this way?
M: Symbolic to the individual?
G: Yes
M: I need to release
G: Fears need to be released.
M: For all souls.
G: For all and for parts.
M: How can I do this without experiencing more pain? What if parts of the self are afraid to integrate how does one make assure?
G: There will always be a bit of pain, tears need to be shed, but this is part of the healing process. The tears are like gold, precious, and healing. You need to understand that it is part of the of the releasing, integrating and accepting process. Not all tears are painful.
M: What if you can cry no tears?
G: When you are ready to tackle this it takes little time.
M: What if the pain is to deep routed?
G: This is why I say it happens when you are ready.
M: How does one forget a painful memory? Does one have to remember for all the time?
G: Once released it fades.
M: Thank you. Time tells a story.
G: There is help available to guide you through this when the time comes. Not everyone has to go through this alone.
M: I feel help is most available when one experiences pure humility
G: Yes that is true. Pain has a way of bringing about humility. Ego is a great creator of pain.
M: My experience karma, one learns by ones mistakes.
G: karma is, in its simplest form the law of cause and effect.
M: Universal laws and conditions
G: Hopefully one learns sooner than later, Yes
M: You are a wonderful teacher amber
G: Thank you this is because I have had to blessing and honour of having an awesome teacher myself.
G: This session has provided a little background in preparation for the next part of this workshop
M: When is the next workshop
G: Next Sunday night same time
M: Your protection is felt
G: Awesome I am happy to hear that.
M: Thank you for a wonderful session xxxxxxxx
G: Are there any more question before we go on?
M: Thank you, bless you.

G: Before we close the circle I ask that we visualize us forming a circle of light together, so that we can collectively send out healing energy to those who have made requests for help and healing. Lets us reach down deep within ourselves and connect with and bring forth all the love and light that dwells there.

We will now combine with this the healing energy available to us from within the universe.
Visualize Rainbow Rays of light passing through your chakra's, and project these rays to the ones who requested our help knowing that each person will receive exactly what he or she need for the best possible outcome. Those who have requested healing are: Allen, Andrew, Cindy, Cody, Darlene, Dee, Eva, Goran, Harry, Ian, Ingrid, Jean, Jessie, Joe, Joyce, Judith, Kevin, Liz, Lucy, Miriam, Nadine, Norma, Peter, Ruth, Stuart, Sue, Tom, Tracy, Tub, Matthew, Callum, Rachel, Dave, Sue, Rod, Rickey, Patsy, Mike, Gerry, Jenn, Margaret, Ira, Laura, Conny, Ben, the animal kingdom, Mother Earth,

So mote it be.

Before we close I think we should visualize any stray energy that we have generated being drawn back into the circle and send it to the person directly in front of you. Thank you for coming and lending your energy to this session.

Written by Amberdrake, Designed & Editing by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003

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