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Cleansing Your Chakra's - Centering, Grounding & Connecting


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Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras
Healing Circle
Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras

Centering, Grounding & Connecting
Session 13 Continued (23-1-04)

I’d like to welcome each of you here tonight. This is an interactive healing circle for all levels of development.
This is circle going to be a little different from previous circles; we will be focusing more on healing each other as well as those who come seeking our services. A lot of teaching will be taking place during this process giving each of you a working knowledge of how to apply healing on yourselves as well as others.
We will begin by opening this Healing Circle with a prayer. We ask the Creator to guide and protect us and enable us to find peace within. May we trust our highest power that we are exactly where we are meant to be. May we not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May we use those gifts that we have received and pass on the love that has been given to us. May we be content knowing we are a child of God. Let his presence settle into our bones, and allow our souls the freedom to sing and dance. It is there for each and every one of us.
So Mote It Be

A lot of teaching and sharing will be taking place during this process, giving each of you a working knowledge of how to apply healing on yourselves as well as others. I ask please, for sharing (input) from any healers in the circle, and encourage questions from any of the others who might be attending for healing purposes. This way we will all learn from each other.
Any energy work in this case Healing is begun with certain basic steps, the first of which are centering and grounding. Centering is meditation in action... staying in the Light, Centering means remaining in your calm inner center amidst the clamour of everyday life. Being centered means NOT allowing your Inner Light to be overshadowed by stressful circumstances or negative thoughts and emotions.
A good centering technique will require only minimal attention, allowing you to keep the majority of your attention on the activity at hand. Here is a very easy and effective centering technique. While involved in whatever you are doing, bring some attention to your breathing... not your full attention... just enough to bring you back to your calm center. Breathe a little more slowly and deeply. Do this while we continue chatting.
Next we will ground. My personal favourite is to visualize myself as a tree sending down roots from the charkas on the bottom of my feet. These roots travel swiftly down into the earth’s core and draw up rich dark Mother Earth energy spiralling up and throughout my body. For those who are new to healing all this work is done using visualization. See the roots growing and branching out as you breathe. Then mentally draw up the earth energy into your body. Feel it flowing and surging up your legs, into your trunk and, down your arms, up into your neck and head and out through your crown charka. Please don’t feel shy if you have any questions feel free to ask. So let’s try this method now while we continue to breath slowly and deeply. See the roots growing and branching out as you breath, Then mentally draw up the earth energy into your body. You may feel tingling throughout your body and this is normal it is the energy you are raising. Now we are going to connect to source. My method of connecting is to open my crown charka and draw down brilliant pure white light energy. This is the universal energy and what I use for healing. If you have your own method that you are more accustomed to this is great. Does everyone feel connected at this point? Keep breathing slowly and evenly…
M: I feel a little spiny in my head, like I felt like I moved to the left then right is this ok?
G: Yes this is just the energy level being raised, and this
is a good thing.
M: Am I supposed to be feeling pins and needles?
G: This is ok it is also a sign of increased energy you will become accustomed to it in time.
G You may feel tingling through out your body and this is normal it is the energy you are raising.

Now that we are centered, grounded and connected, we are going to build up energy to project for healing purposes.
G: You will have energy sensations as you have mentioned, you may also feel warmth spreading through out your bodies. What we are going to do next is build up the energy to project for healing.

I do this by extending my arms over my head interlocking my fingers together and then raising my two middle fingers together and pointing them upward, thumb’s up side by side. In this way I call down an extra quick burst of energy to use for healing. Kind of like a jump start. I do this by visualizing a bolt of energy coming down from above and directly to the fingers. I see it like lightening only painless. Then the energy is pulled (or drawn) down and through the solar plexus.
M: This is the first time I have had a slow lazy smile on my face for ages, does this make sense>
G: Yes it does feels nice when connected, this is the energy of the universe take a moment to bathe in it, it is very soothing and healing.
M: I can see purple and white balls in front of my closed eyes.
G: That is fine this is the energy coming into your crown chakra you may even see swirls of gold in there too.
M: Yes I saw yellow but didn’t say.
M: I am getting a headache.
G: Send some of the energy to ground. See it flowing downward back into the earth.
G: At this point does anyone have a request for healing for themselves?
G: Will everyone please focus the energy you have been raising to those who have just requested.
M: I”ve got quite a bad tooth and now it feels all warm.
M: Got my hand on the side of my bad tooth and its really hotting than paracetemol!
G: Now to focus your energy see it flowing to those who have made requests; visualize the energy flowing from your solar plexus. This you will perceive as white light.
G: So by now this energy is building and flowing strongly to those who have requested.
M: Could I have some for my head please?
G: You’ve got it.
M: I can see like a continuing S shape whirling.
G: The names of those for whom healing is requested are as follows:
Ali, Allen, Andrew, Angela Cindy, Cody, Darlene, Dee, Goran, Harry, Ian, Ingrid, Jean, Jessie, Joe, Joyce, Judith, Kevin, Liz, Lucy, Miriam, Mish, Nadine, Norma, Pauline, Peter, Ruth, Stuart, Sue, Tom, Tracy, Tub, Chloes hubby, Liam, Paul, Patsy, Mike, Jenn, Margaret, Claire, Dave, Sue, Angel, Pauline, Angela, Scott, Sue, Gerry, Mary, Gerard, Kirk, Carol, Tyler, Winn, Anna.
G: I ask that each of you collectively visualize this healing energy going out to those listed above.
M: I’ve just seen a pair of tonsils and an ear, and a tongue and Ive just curled it up like a quilt??? But the tongue was blue??
G: This must be for a reason, so I would suggest that you send some of your energy to these parts that you are seeing. Send it energy, you may not know who it belongs to but it does need healing or you would not have seen it.
M: I have gone very hot and have tears rolling down my cheeks various parts if my body ache and I can't control it.
G: It seems that you are receiving healing of another sort, this is called an emotional release you are receiving healing to your emotional body. The emotional body is your energy body, and there are blockages there which are being released with the energy.
M: Starting to feel calmer but still shaky.
G: You will sleep very well tonight and feel well tomorrow.
G: Lets us reach down deep within ourselves and connect with and bring forth all the love and light that dwells there and project it out into the universe for those who have requested. Visualize rainbow colour rays of healing light passing through our charkas and project it them to them. So mote it be.
G: Let us thank the creator for the healing that has taken place tonight and making this all possible. I ask that we all be protected as we leave by the Devine Light of the Creator.
Before we close I think we should visualize any stray energy that we have generated being drawn back into the circle and send it to the person directly in front of you. Thank you for coming and lending your energy to this session.
May God Bless Each Of You!

Written by Amberdrake, Designed & Editing by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003

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