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Cleansing Your Chakra's - Ascension and Enlightenment

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Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras
Healing Circle
Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras

Ascension and Enlightenment

Session 5(2-09-03)
I would like to briefly present an overall view of the Ascension Process that is taking place. I know that some of you already have a very good idea of what it is all about, but I do not want to assume that everyone here tonight does. All spiritual traditions have spoken of the ultimate goal of meditation. It has been called Enlightenment; Self Realization; God Realization; Nirvana; Cosmic Consciousness; Mukti; Christ Consciousness, Buddha hood etc. I have chosen this topic for tonight’s circle because some of you may not realize that ascension and spiritual and psychic development and healing are all closely linked. Let me explain why.
As we grow spiritually our awareness begins to expand enabling us to integrate more of the light coming from the Creator. We have the ability in fact to return to full consciousness within the light of the Creator. Fear, ignorance, lack, pain, dis-ease and suffering are all a result of being cut off from the light. At its heart, the ascension is a spiritual awaking, a step to the next level of spiritual development, and into a higher vibratory frequency. We chose to be born into a physical body to experience and learn from what the earth has to offer. In most cases, we learn by being born into each life with a limited understanding of the spiritual beings that we are. These circles and all the other ways we choose in this life time will help us expand our awareness of ourselves. And in turn we will help those who wish to take that step to move on to their next level of spiritual development.
To ascend is to complete our 3D earth studies and graduate to the next level. When we ascend we move beyond many of the limitations that we have on the 3D earth and we regain a more complete conscious connection with our higher selves and God. Earth is multidimensional. It exists in many dimensions simultaneously and in each consecutive dimension there is greater spiritual awareness. Levels of conscious awareness separate each dimension.
For purpose of our discussion we will refer to the earth that people will be ascending to as the 5th dimensional (5D) earth. Dimensions are not really numbered, but it makes it easier to talk about them in that way, and the term 5D is a very popular reference that is used by many people. The 5D earth is a physical planet and the experiences there are somewhat similar to that of this 3D earth. Some of the differences from what I understand are that people are much more consciously connected to their higher selves and much more aware of the oneness that exists between all beings.
There are many Light workers on the earth now who have chosen to be here at this time to help people with the preparations needed for ascension. We serve in many ways. Some may stand out as spiritual leaders or professionals but many of us choose not to stand out in any way, but quietly give support and share our knowledge, healing and teachings when the opportunity arises. Each of us has many options. We can choose to remain as we are and go on living our lives and ignore the ascension completely. We can become more spiritually aware and work with our higher selves and guides on a more conscious level and decide to stay on this 3D earth to live out the rest of our lives in a more awakened state. We can make a decision to physically ascend, when the time comes, to the 5D earth. There are no wrong decisions and we can trust ourselves and follow our hearts as to what is best for each one of us personally.
It is believed by some that there will come a time in the future when there will be a mass ascension of all the people who wish to ascend. And this time will be determined by when people are ready; there is no predetermined date. When the time comes for most people to make the decision of whether or not to ascend, they will understand exactly what will happen if they do ascend and what they have to do in preparation for it. A part of the preparation is to become more consciously connected with your spiritual self. Your higher self is the full spiritual being that you are beyond all of your physical lives. Every person on the earth is capable of opening to his or her own higher self for conscious reconnection and for guidance. Becoming aligned with your higher self will help you greatly during the years of preparation for the ascension. People can also call on their own guides and any higher dimensional teacher to help them. It is especially important during these years of expanded spiritual awakening and preparation for ascending to be very connected with your guidance so that you can trust in and better understand what you are undertaking. It is believed by some that even though the final ascension will be a mass ascension, it is still a very individual process and experience.
Each person has to prepare him or herself in a way that will best suit them. This may be a little different for everyone, because everyone is starting out at different points on their paths with different degree of higher self awareness and a different set of spiritual beliefs. We do not have to make a final decision about whether to ascend or not until the time comes. But we can give ourselves the opportunity to ascend by preparing ourselves for it now; by being more open to our higher selves and seeking greater spiritual truths and understandings.
We can discern what we need to learn, and people we need to be with for our own ascension process, by following our hearts our intuition and trusting in what resonates with us. Imagine yourself as a tuning fork or resonance receptor attuned to certain frequencies and vibrations. As you refine your frequencies, you begin to vibrate or attune to higher and more refined energy vibrations, which contain more and more Light—the components of creation. Everything that "IS" is manifested through Light vibrations, which create sounds and pulsations of waveforms. An interesting thought that comes to mind right now is “The love of God is contained within the Light of God.” Fear, ignorance, lack, pain, and suffering are all a result of being cut off from the Light.
For those who choose to go with the evolutionary flow, here are some valuable tips to help you prepare for your ascension.
Connect with your inner spirit daily in silent meditation or prayer.
Stay in the light. Remember to shift your attention often during the day from externals to the light of your calm inner spirit.
Practice spiritual non-attachment. The more weight you give the world the heavier it is to carry.
Strengthen you energy circuits through regular exercise, or subtle body exercises, like Yoga, Tai Chi, or Chi Gong, etc.
Keep your charka's clear through meditation or other transformational tools available for this.
Attune your higher guidance. Learn to commune with your inner teachers and guides for insight, encouragement and Guidance. They are always available to you just beyond the door of your heart.
Lighten up. Regular meditation & other spiritual practices refine your energy accelerating construction of your Light Body. Be receptive to your body’s wisdom, regarding what you eat. Remember to take life lightly.

G: I know that this may be new material to some of you, and for others it might not be so new. : I realize it is allot to swallow all at one time, and what we have covered here are just the basics.
M: Some yes, taken me back quite some years, things I’d forgotten.
M: I’m not. I’m a Newbe...very interesting.
M: The more weight you give the world.......please.... the heavier to carry..... : I don’t seem to be able to put it together? Just going back to the points you made above could you explain a bit more? "spiritual non attachment"?
G: This goes to perception and the way you perceive the world. We each have a choice as to how we choose to perceive any given situation. How we perceive it so we will experience it. If you see the world as being a dark and unfriendly place for example, this is how you will experience it. If you choose to see the world around you in a loving light you will experience the same. Through the law of cause and effect you will most likely have love coming back at you. If you see the world as a heavy burden to bear, so you will experience it. This goes back to a few circles ago about creating our reality. We create our reality (world) minute by minute with the choices we make.
M: Thanks it’s lovely have things reiterated...haven’t heard this for ages...
M: Cor blimey, I've made some duff ones in my time!
G: We all make our mistakes unfortunately this is how we learn
M: That is what life is all about, learning and experiences eh?
G: But having learned we have more personal power
M: Everything comes to us for a reason…
G: Yes this is true. Then we begin to realize that we are not victims, but co creators
M: We've all heard the phrase "I wish I was your age again and knew what I know now" how very true...
G: It is all a lesson, and as we learn these lessons we take control of our lives and become co creators.
M: Good, thanks for lovely session as usual, learn more each time, just a shame it’s just once a week!!
G: It is an awesome realization to know that we are able to create our realities and lives. I wish I had the time I would have more than one circle a week. There is so much out there it blows the mind. It takes time to absorb and be integrated.
M: Yes it does I spend a lot of my spare time searching the web for more info.
G: Take what resonates with you.
M: Blowing mine! I know what you mean though, we all have outside lives to contend with, where I'd just like to lock myself in my own little world for a few months to learn!
G: But take my advice, take it slow, burn out is not nice. I learned the hard way.
M: I think if I learned too much too fast I'd end up a jabbering wreck, always feet first me!
G: Integration is of major importance, then comes walking our talk.
M: I would like to think I could become a healer one day, might take me until I'm 50 (got 18 yrs 2 and a half months!)
M: I just seem to have followed the same pagan path all my life but never looked in other directions now I want to learn more.
G: It is a spiritual process. Then there is an awakening, but I am not going into that tonight. lol
M: I found nice church, learning slowly there.
G: There are many paths leading up the mountain.
M: I would like to learn more about awakening some time.
G: Perhaps we will cover it this winter; I am trying to do this step by step. Spiritual growth and awakening cannot just be jumped into; it would not be of any benefit. You can't jump into the middle of a lake until you have learned how to swim kind of thing. : I am trying to do these circles in the same order as I have learned on my path, so each circle is one step.
M: Can I ask 1 question about awakening?
M: Is it common for groups of people to experience it at the same time? I had heard of it happening to a group of neighbours all at once before
G: I believe so. There are many on the planet going through an awakening at this time. Perhaps it is because their paths are intertwined
M: I saw 3 monks this morning...if I saw them 5 years ago ...I be in a nut house lol So it all happens when its
Meant too lol. I told them all I didn’t want to be frightened ...they are very patient with me they don’t visit me at night.
M: You saying about the mountain has for some reason made me think of the wagon wheel. If you’re walking round the rim, no matter which spoke you take, you will always end up on the hub
G: Actually I should explain that the mountain to be more accurate is a spiral mountain
G: Folks we have a lady here in pain, perhaps we can help her some healing
M: I will help with energy if i can...
G: Much appreciated if we could all join our energy and focus it on the woman.
M: Could I possibly ask for my little girl to be sent some healing as well please?
M: of course.
G: The energy is building and will get stronger. Please don't let it frighten any of you
G : here she comes
G : welcome I understand you are having some difficulty would you like to share it with us?
M: Yes my wisdom teeth I’m having very bad headaches and an earache and feel like its going through my jaw.
G : we are all joined here in a circle of love and healing energies
G : Ohhh my they can be very painful!
M: So much pain I want to cry.
G: we are going to focus our energy on you. You may feel a little warm and fuzzy don't let it worry you this is normal
M: Thank you
G: I am also going to channel some Reiki energy to you. Ok put your feet flat on the floor please, this will help to ground you.
M: I also have a hole in my tooth my filling fell out
G: how are you doing Dream?
M: Its off an on now
G : ok hang in there and soak up all the energy you can
G: which side is it on?
M: my lower left bottom side
G: What are you feeling there now?
M: slightly better
G: Good.
M: it throbs off and on
G : while we are sending out healing I think we should also include Ais's daughter as well as Allen, Eva, Jessie, Joyce, Judith, Kevin, Miriam, Norma, Ruth, Stuart, Sue Tom (UK) Brenda Abigail, Lynda, Margaret, Meagan, Patsy, Jennifer, Gerry, Harry and Rob
G : So Mote It Be......
G: I think we should gather any stray energy flying about and direct it to the person you visualize in front of you in this circle just see it coming back into the circle and direct it.
G : the circle is now closed. I'd like to thank each of you for lending your energy to the circle.
Ascension and Enlightenment
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