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Cleansing Your Chakra's - How to Cleans Chakras

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Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras
Healing Circle
Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras

What are Healers, What is Healing?
Session (26-8-03 )

I'd like to welcome everyone to the Healing Sanctuary. I had originally planned to cover the basics of charka's tonight but intuitively I feel that it needs to be clarified just exactly what Healers are and what we do. So I will cover this first and then if time allows we can start on charka's.

What are Healers? What is healing? Healers are people who act as catalysts to connect people and other beings to their own ability to make themselves whole, healthy, harmonized and in tune with the universe etc. Using and accessing spiritual and vibrational energies, connecting with Angels and deva and other spiritual guides and healers as well as such things as colours crystals and herbs. Listening to inner and outer voices are some ways that healing is accessed, actually unconditional love being the greatest tool used.

The healer has no power other than that ability to connect and channel some of the things that we all need to heal ourselves; augmented by information and skills gained in study and practice. Healing is never passive the first thing one needs do is want to be well. Wellness is not only physical health but is spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness too.

Every one can benefit from and enjoy energy work; meditation and other spiritual healing the benefits extend far beyond just health improvement. We are energy, we are surrounded by energy. All there is is energy. The practice of energy healing has made a real difference in many lives. Pain has been relieved. Mental and emotional conditions have improved. Healing and recovery from illness and injury has been accelerated and spiritual awareness has been increased. Diagnosis have changed miracles do occur.

Healing refers primarily to internal balance and may not mean being "cured” in the conventional sense. We are all able to tap into the vital energy that surrounds us to some extent. We would not be alive in body if we did not. When we speak of Healing, we are talking about many things. While a well physical body may be the first thing that comes to mind, the root meaning of the word is whole. The practice of healing is that of becoming whole on all levels of being, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Illness happens when the mind, body and spirit become unbalanced. True wellness is reached only by returning the entire being to harmony and balance not only with itself but also with the Earth and the Universe.

We begin healing by finding our desire to be well and whole without the motivation to be well and intention to act in our own behalf we will not become well. Life is a precious thing. We are meant to be well, to be balanced and Joyful in our bodies. Disease begins with distortions and blocks in our aura and the personal energy bodies that permeate our physical body. These blocks arise from stress and emotional and mental disturbances in our daily lives. One cause of illness is that we have made life too much work and have accepted the view that life is meant to be a struggle or a punishment; this is not what life is meant to be.

The angels and guides are helping us to realize for ourselves that we need to be much kinder and more loving to ourselves first. Illness, and all disease rise out of an imbalance in our subtle bodies and the greatest cause for these imbalances is lack of self Love, self-confidence, and self-awareness.

I have a personal certainty that we are all meant to be healers for ourselves, for others, and for the Earth. Being a healer is not about personal power, it is about connection, about knowing that all life is connected and interdependent and that even our smallest acts can have a great impact on the Universe.

G: Does anyone have any comments or questions?
M: That is a nice way of putting it.
G: The reason I brought this up is that many people are confused about what spiritual healing, and healing in general when instant cures are not obtained.
M: This is very much the way I lead my life as a Pagan. We all need to send healing to mother earth, as she needs it more now than ever.
G: Yes I agree.
M: I realized a lot tonight
G: Some may feel that the "healing" may not have worked but healing, as you know operates on many different levels
M: You have to believe it will work though don't you other wise it's pointless.
G: Yes, if you cut your hand and go to a doctor to have it cared for, and then hold the hand behind your back the doctor cannot help you.

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