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Introduction ~ Types of Ghosts ~ Spirits

This is an introduction to Ghosts, Spirits, Recordings, Replays and Anniversary Ghost hopefully we will gain some insights into Ghosts and maybe also to be able to answer some of your questions regarding ghosts

Some people refer to both Ghosts and Spirit as being one and the same but they are in fact quite different. In the following pages I hope you will find information to help you decipher for yourself what these differences are.

A Ghost is a spectre that is seen usually in the same area and usually over a significant time, some being seen to this day for example but that date from a century ago.

Historic ghosts are a good example of this.

Ghosts do not react to any attempt of communication by us and seem to have no knowledge that we are near them at all. They walk the same area and are repetitive in their movements, for example if they first were seen beside the grandfather clock then ran along the hall sobbing before vanishing through the dining room door, then that is how and where they are seen every time.

Spirits differ in that they will usually react to your presence, acknowledge you, communicate verbally with you, and recognise your in the same room.

There are many variations and beliefs for one type or explanations for Ghosts and Spirits and of course you will come to your own conclusions, but hopefully along the way these pages of information and discussions will help you find an answer you were seeking.


~ Recordings and Replays - Ghosts ~

Natural materials such as stone wood and metals have their own unique structures, properties and energies, but they can be altered by their surrounding environment and affected by geological conditions, temperatures and changes.

These materials can and do absorb the conditions in the atmosphere, including intense stressful traumatic and emotional feelings of love, hate or fear for example.

When they absorb an event they record, memorise and retain that information.

This may be replayed back at a later date, providing the conditions are right for the phenomena to occur. The exact combination of these conditions are not known and much is speculation rather than fact, but it is believed that certain disturbances in the atmosphere create a disturbance in the energies of these materials, which in turn open the gate for recordings, replays or playbacks to be possible.

~ Anniversary Ghosts ~

The anniversary Ghost this is type of ghost is seen on or near to a specific date once a year. It could be that similar to recording type ghosts, they have their own personal reasons for returning. Perhaps an important event in life or an important lesson that they feel has not been resolved at the time draws them back, or even a spiritual lesson they wish to return to think about and work on.As our calendar changes with leap years so do the various days in
the year, this may account for the slight changes in the date when
anniversary ghosts are seen.These ghosts are similar to recording types in some ways. They are always seen in the same location, never alter in their movements and don't react to attempts of communication. Interestingly, unlike recordings, anniversary ghosts seem to be aware of our presence, as when we approach them they will disappear.

Discussions on Recording Type Ghosts

What do you think causes these recording type ghosts or spiritual apparitions that people report seeing?

Basically it's believed that the surroundings at the time of the event, as in walls wood metal ect all hold the energy of the past event.

Do you think that objects hold the energy as well?

Yes I do believe that there is a residual energy left within objects.

What are 'Playbacks'?

When viewed Recordings are sometimes known as 'Playbacks', that is to say if someone sees one they may say they saw a 'Playback.'

Would a person who was murdered return to the place, or go to familiar surroundings i,e home?

I would say that depends on the ghosts choice, but these are only some peoples ideas of what they believe happens. That is not to say either that all people who die violent deaths return as Recording Type Ghosts either.

Do they always replay bad memories?

No not at all happy events are also relayed.

Are these Replays or Playbacks just from important or major life events?

Are Recording Ghosts usually caused by extreme events such as wars for example, or whatever trauma happened shortly before or at time of death.

The more extreme circumstances relating to death the more chance there is of the replay being noticed is my personal belief.

As a spiritual person I believe strongly that most cases of this kind do move on, perhaps just later than others because they have been unable to cope with their extreme emotions at the time. It is also true to say that many in fact the majority do move on to the other side irrespective of how they passed.
If you imagine the numbers of people who have died in some traumatic way over the centuries, then Recording type ghosts are actually very few.

What is the difference between a ghost and spirit?

A Ghost will repeat the same event over and over, as if it's a film playing.
It will not acknowledge you if you try to speak, it is unaware that you are there. A Spirit on the other hand is usually interactive. It will acknowledge you and communicate with you.

Does this mean then if you try to help him or her move on you can't?

A Ghost or Spirit for that matter will not move on until it is ready even with help.

Are Ghosts unable to move on?

I believe they do eventually move on.

After the ghost replays the moment what happens to the ghost?

Well I believe the conditions have to be right for the replay to occur, so perhaps he can only be seen at this time. Not all people see Ghosts, even when they are there, so maybe that is another reason why they are not seen all the time.


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