Grounding & Protecting

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First of all we'll cover why it is important to both ground and protect then we'll cover ways of doing it. It is important to always remember to ground and protect, we do this to provide a shield for ourselves to prevent us from being over taken by the any negative energies that we may come in contact. It is important to do this whether we work with spirit in mediumship, as a psychic reader, or when using tools like tarot cards, angel cards, runes, crystal balls and also when we provide healing for others. Often when we come in contact with others or with spirit when working in this way we can be open to high levels of intense emotional energies which can become very draining to us personally and in turn cause us to be come emotionally exhausted and even ill.

We have to try to always remember to put our protection, it is not just people who are new to working with spirits that need to ground and protect we all need to do this. Once you learn this, you can use it daily in your every day lives, its akin to wearing a seat belt when you get in a car, you dont expect to crash, but wear the seat belt just in case with working with people and spirit you dont expect to come across a negativity, but ground and protect to protect ourselves.

~ Grounding ~

There are many different ways to ground and protect, we are all individuals, so what suits me may not suit you I will tell you the basics then tell you some different ways but it is up to you to adapt and find what you’re comfortable with. I feel the basic rule is we came from the earth and go back to the earth, so let everything that comes through you go back to the earth.

Which is why we ground, we visualise sending energy back to the earth. One popular way is to envisage yourself as tree

See your branches, your bark, your trunk, and you roots, and now see those roots enter the ground.
Going passed the small pebbles, through the layers of soil, going deeper and deeper into the earth, layer after layer.
See your roots going right down to the earths core.
The roots wrapping themselves round the earths axis.
You then see and feel the earth sending it's energy up, through your roots.
All the way up, imagine this energy looks like a golden light.
Being driven all the way up.
As the energy travels up through the roots then up into your body you feel the energy from the light.
You now know that you are grounded and whatever is thrown at you, will therefore go back into the ground and mother earth will remove it.

Another way is to ground is to -
Once opening your chakras, which we'll learn about next week
You see the pure white light of spirit enter through your crown chakra.
Feel this light fill you.
Breath deeply and draw the light further down through your head, down through your neck, down through your arms.
Filling every nook and carnie.
Breath deeply again feel and see the light go down through the trunk of your body.
Down passed your hips.
Down your thighs and down to your knees.
Another deep breath takes the light down your calf’s and down to your feet.
See it leave your toes and branch of like roots
Going deeper and deeper into the earth.

This visualisation then goes on like the one above, grounding you.
As I say we are all different so what suits me may not suit you.
These methods are adaptable but please remember to see spirit as white light and you need to make your roots go deep into the earth.

I have adapted them both and kind of combined them, using the in breath to draw down spirit from crown chakra, whilst the out breath I send down my roots. Yes that great because you have the two basic rules, that is they way grounding works. We are all different so your needs are different, as an analogy to help you understand this if your say your in jeans and t-shirt and I say I am too, we wont be wearing a matching set.
A method I use is, Michaels shield, and include the five elements contained within it. ie. earth, air, fire, water, spirit. I also wear hematite round my neck which helps to keep you grounded, or you can get Boji stones.

~ Protecting ~

Now that we have looked at grounding we will now go on to look at protection and shielding. There are a very many ways of protecting and shielding and again, you take that which works for you. The basics with protection are make sure there are no gaps or chinks in you shield. The easiest, method I find, is the bubble method.

Just see a bubble in front of you, floating gently.
Know the bubble is for you, for your protection.
Just see it floating closer to you
Step into in
Know that this bubble can’t be penetrated by anything but love
Nothing can get through to you

The good bit is you can sit in your bubble and throw pink darts of love out at everyone
“Oh” the joy when your darts /arrows hit their targets.

Another form of protection is the Mirror Method.
Mirrors can be used when something or someone (an energy) does not “'feel” right. You can surround yourself with mirrors, all over, leaving no gaps, make sure your head and feet covered too. Now anything negative that comes in your direction will just reflect off you and bounce back to the person who is sending it.

Sometimes, as I sit in my bubble, I still feel energy that dose not feel quite right, so then I pop my mirrors on around me, you dont always need the double protection up, but weather it's my mood being low or someone not feeling right, just now and again I pop on the extra level of protection.

Remember although you have protected you must also ground. Some people also like to use a suit of armour as their protection nothing is allowed to penetrate through it other than love and you can send love out of it also. You can use the suit of armour if you prefer, just put it on and make sure again there are no chinks in it. All methods are good its just a matter of whatever you feel most comfortable with. Another form of protection is cloak of protection. One method for using the cloak is to

Picture the archangel Michael putting the cloak on our shoulders.
Make sure it covers you fully, and don’t forget to include your head
No chinks in it
Then pull it under your feet and zip it up all the way up to your neck
Pull the hood over your face
Covering your third eye

Your protection should feel so comfortable, you should be able to just know it is there as part of you. Put in on in the morning when you rise, and take it off at night, although some people never take theirs off and that again is personal choice.

If you feel you have a lot of activity at night, keep it on, again you do what is right for you, you know your need are.
M. I just wanted to add its something we have also become very vigilant with and I never take mine off, I in fact check mine 3 times a day.
G. I check mine when I feel the need too.
M. Taking off protection is almost part of my routine really.
M. We shield our home also and include all the animals and our loved ones and family within it.
G. Some people are busier with spirits during the night than when they are awake.
M. They come out to play at night with me
G. If I want peace at night I ask the Archangel Michael to cut all spiritual ties and ask that only guides and angels allowed me to be close.
M. If I want peace, I close my chakras
It's like putting the light out, no-one will answer if the light is off but then if the light is off, there is nothing to attract them.


First Steps in Psychic & Mediumship Development Grounding & Protecting

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