Energy Workshop

Energy Workshop no5


Hi all welcome and thank you for coming!

Before we begin a few tips:
i will say this over and over in these sessions:
try your very best to only follow your energy sensations;
try to ignore visualisations
and visitations
and manifestations -
only stay with the sensation of energy
and guide that as suggested.

I view the energy that we work with as "raw energy"
it is abundantly available to us
and we can learn to master it
but and this is a big BUT
we can CHOOSE to use it to produce many "psychic products"
or even dream images
so try to stay with the raw energy and the sensations of its movement

Let's begin with a gentle energy warm up:
(LOL - for this we will use a visualisation technique!)
Imagine that you are standing on a beach and watching the waves rolling onto the sand
Follow the motion of the waves with your breathing: breath in as it pulls back into the ocean and out as it rolls onto the sand
Be aware of the swelling motion with which each life giving breath slowly approaches from deep inside your soul
to roll out on the beach of your reality
and then to draw back into the ocean of life
(do this for a couple of minutes)
Become the sand, feel its texture and its nature and become the water at the same time, taste it and be it
Like fish your thoughts swim through your being
and memories call out like the sea birds

Slowly mould the energy of this visualisation into a river
that runs through the core of your being to pool in your tummy
Stop all the previous images and be with the sensation of energy in your tummy
feel how suddenly energy buzzes through you as you stop to use it to create inner visualisations
let this raw energy in your tummy gently spread through each and every cell in your body

As raw energy enters them, each and every cell becomes awake and aware
(remember: do not allow "creations" - stay with the raw energy sensation)
This "awareness" is the "sense" with which we observe the presence of energy
it is what we listen with

Now sense your own presence
smile at the respect that rises as you recognise your true being
behind all the facades we are all one and spirit
sense our true being
and with that we end the warm up session...but keep the awareness going!

Just relax and sense your own presence
beyond your ego, self image, identity...just your presence
let the following words create sensations of energy:
Pool the energies together in your tummy
spread them gently through every cell in your body
And now we will focus on each of the members in this circle: one by one
at all times think only LOVE, PEACE, HEALING, WHOLENESS when you need to think: this is the only energy that will be allowed to be projected
Everyone slowly focus on the person represented by:
when your name is mentioned, just relax and experience the energy
at all times be aware that energy is circulating through the room and fosucing on you, but always moving on... flowing
explore each new energy source
add its specific flavour or signature to the energy that is circulating...
relaxed breathing and relax every muscle in your body
you contain the not use it
let it flow
if you get a headache or shiver, let the flow of energy sweep it away
healing is a natural result of the energy of light..just allow it to flow and flow and flow

Pls remain within this circle of energy and let it flow without interruption. Choose other members of the circle at will and focus your energy there to experience their energy. There is a tremendous source of energy within this circle use it to explore your own energy body follow your instinct and create your own ways but keep it flowing...flowing...flowing
Look around you in your room and touch your things with this abundance of energy
send little "packages" of love to your reality
and smile: we're all on spirit camera!
If you now share your experiences, pls keep it brief and do not dominate the circle
We are all in a very subtle state of energy consciousness
move gently, talk gently and be snug within the prayer of love.


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