Energy Workshop

Energy Workshop no4


Hi all - welcome!
As a warm up we will do a gentle breathing exercise:
deep relaxed and gentle breathing
get in touch with your body
play with you body: think of your little toe and sense it respondingto the attention...and then maybe a finger, an around
all the time breathing deeply, relaxed and gently
With your next in breath: think of it as your very first birth breath! Pulling life into you!
and with your next out breath: think of it as your very last breath - concluding this life and your bodily function
only to become a new in breath of life
Enjoy the moment of stillness between breaths where death becomes life and life becomes death...
but death here is surrender
total surrender to spirit
and birth is total surrender to life
continue with this process on your own until all are present
It is a very simple visualisation that holds most of the techniques involved in breathing.
Exploring death, and exploring birth.
This meditation is based on the Chinese 5 elements:
for our purposes, try to visualise each element in its entirety - become the element and let its energy work through you.
We begin with the lungs.
gently follow your breathing
visualise the color white
and sense the nature of metal
it is a fixed element
through which the energy of heaven is received and converted into bodily energy
it captures and releases
it purifies and regenerates
gently trace the outline of your lungs in your mind's eye and sense its wellness
let the sensation of being "metal" flood your whole being
fixed and regular
Gently slip your focus down towards your kidneys
visualise their shape and wellness
they are represented by the element water
become water
the color is dark blue
breath into your lungs, and then out into your kidneys
your will is seated in the kidneys...but also: this is where fear often sits
Shift your focus towards your liver
the element that is represented here, is wood
sense the nature of wood
it feeds on the water from the kidneys
and grows strong in itself to become the root of all the planning that you do
the decisions that you make: and the judgements - those come from the liver
breath into your kidneys, and then out into your liver
Some say this is the source of our consciousness, or seat of the God Self
Visualise this element completely: feel sap rising in your body rather than blood flowing
your roots stretch down, your branches reach high
and now age your tree...
Feel the wood turn dry and begin to burn: shift your focus to the heart
the heart is the fire element
feel it burning steadily on its supply of energy from the liver
it creates the "environment" within which your body operates
it produces joy, but also anger
all emotions work together to create the atmosphere as ruled by the heart
a gentle fire burning: fed by the liver and controlled by the water of the kidney
As the fire produces ash, see that ash becoming earth and shift your focus to the spleen and stomach
become earth
here the energies from heaven is mixed into the energy from food
the ability to be clear and living in the moment comes from here
compound the earth into rock and into metal...
And we return to the lungs
gently breathing
to round off we follow the circle once more:
breath into the lungs
out into the kidneys
breath into the kidneys and out into the liver
breath into the liver and out into the heart
breath into the heart and out into the spleen/stomach
breath into the spleen and out into the lungs
continue with this cycle at your own time
and then gently stop visualising the organs and the elements and just breath and relax
Thank you


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