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Empathy ~ Moon Phases and Cutting the Ties That Bind

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Moon Phases and Cutting the Ties That Bind

Do the Moon Phases affect us? How do they affect us? How to cut the cords that bind us.

I ask for a special blessing for all of you today...may the angels smile down on you...may your path you walk be smooth...may you always see rainbows and be surrounded by a white light for protection..
Tonight we will be talking of the moon phases and cutting the ties that bind us.
First I would like to ask how many did the anger dance....
Did anyone use their colors, to get them back on track?
Yes colours work really well i found

Everything we come in contact with influences us. There are some things that we do not come into contact with that has a great influence on us. Such as the moon. You may find in the esoteric library, under moon phases. Take a look at today's moon phase there.
You may have heard people mention the full moon. And how people are acting like loons at this time. It does affect us in different ways. I'm not totally sure of how and why the full moon affects us the way it does. All I know is that our body is about 80% to 90% water. So, therefore when the moon is full we retain more water. No wonder people are more on edge, cranky or even acting like loons as they say.

The good thing about the full moon is it is a time of seeing things clearer. A time when we can see both sides. Not only all things but for ourselves as well. The new moon is noted in the American Farmers Almanac for women who want to trim their hair, as they say it makes it grow faster, and less chance for split ends. Well actually the new moon is a time of growth, new growth. Our energy levels are at a high.

I would like you all to become familiar with the moon. From there you will see how it is affecting you. So please venture to the esoteric library.

Now that I have talked about the moon and how it phases us, through that…..I hope I got it across that we are connected to things we didn’t even realize. So too, are we to all things. Empathy does come with strings. The thing we have to learn is how to cut the ties that bind us.

I know that all of us in here can say we get a headache for some unknown reason, or we feel sad all of a sudden, or we can sense pain, or even sudden happiness for no reason. This is because we are connected. Or how about the times we have walked into a building and “felt” something, and just couldn’t put our finger on it? We can and do “feel” and “sense” a lot.

Ok now the trick is how to become unconnected in away that we can still feel and sense, but just not as intensely. Take for instance, I am a healer, I sense in my body pain. But the pain is not the same pain the other person is having. When I first started I could have the same pain another person was feeling, and I didn’t like that. So I set out to find out why.

Well maybe if i explain this in a way for us to see it in our minds....
The shaman's believe we are connected as in a web, a spider web, and this makes sense. The spider when weaving its web connects the strings of the web to some type of structure. Whether it be a bush or the side of a house. We have strings to everything. Spiritually, we say we have cords of light that connect us to everything. We can cut these strings from our webs, or the cords of light from our bodies. We will not lose our empathy sensing. What we do lose is the intense hold these strings or cords keep us bond to. So now I want us to do this exercise today. You may later find a better way just for you.

Ok we are sitting in our chairs, now, imagine there is a chair in front of you, in this chair is someone or something that still has a hold of some type on you….emotionally or physically.
Now, I want you to tell this person or thing, that you will no longer be bond to it, and you charge it to be gone from you.
Now , in your mind, or you may act this out, or say it out loud……
Be gone from me. You don’t belong to me. You never did.
I will give you time to do this. Take your time. Focus on the person or object.
Now take your shears, loppers, scissors, or whatever device you want can even be your hands pulling it away from you. Again tell it to be gone from you. We have time so take your time.
Tell it your not claiming it anymore.
You will notice a peace inside you. As you feel feel these emotions or pains, people or whatever leave from your web or cord that has been attached to you.
This can be done anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

When you feel something coming on you, that you know doesn’t belong to you. Send it away, cut it away. Send it back to where it belongs. Its not yours.

This has helped me in healing; I no longer suffer the pains I once did. I can still read a persons body by sensation, or sensing where the ailment is. This has helped me in empathy. I don’t feel drained all the time. Or feel like I’m going nuts. Nor do I feel overwhelmed.
You will still sense. And you will still have the “feeling-in”. As we learned in an earlier class empathy never goes away. In doing this simple exercise it gives us the balance we need to stay clear and focused. Meaning the ties are cut. It doesn’t mean you are uncaring. It just means you no longer have to carry the load.

I do have to say recently I had a lot of problems at work and was blinded by what was going on...I had a great friend who reminded me to cut the ties. So in times of trouble we always have our friends who can help us out when we need to see clearly again. Please don’t ever think your problems are small. And don’t forget we have friends who care enough to help us see the light.
Did the exercise help you?
Yes always does!
Very much I will use it daily
I do mine a different way,,,,,but with the same outcome
Yes it did help but does that mean its gone for always or will it come back?
If it does come back you can send it right back again hun
I personally call upon Archangel Michael to cut my ties. Once Michael cuts my ties he takes out the hooks that go into the skin and pours white light of spirit into the gaps, then he pours white light down the other end of the tube to the person that attached themselves to me. Its very nice to use Archangel Michael
Sometime I feel WE take them back, so WE have to send them away again
I find it just takes a thought for an attachment to be made, and thoughts feed the attachments
Yes very true, and those thoughts are what blinds us.

To cut the binds helps us stay clear, and focused. And this is what we need as empaths. Because so much comes on us. But we don’t have to carry the load. We can sever and send it back.

Did you all feel the peace enter in after you cut the ties?
I have the Angel Medicine CD by Doreen Virtue that helps cut all ties,

Angel Medicine Doreen Virtue You will find this in the Mystic Market

So see there is another option!

No matter how we do it, the results are the same…..inner peace

Ok, next week we will go on to cleansing
And remember the moon phases.
Bless you all

Moon Phases and Cutting the Ties That Bind

Do the Moon Phases affect us? How do they affect us? How to cut the cords that bind us.

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