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Empathy ~ Grounding or Anchoring ~ Diffrent Types of Empath

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Empathy ~ Levels of Empathy ~ Diffrent Types of Empath


Grounding or Anchoring

Diffrent Types of Grounding or Anchoring and how to do it.

Tonight we are going to talk on grounding or anchoring which ever you like to call it.
Now that we understand the word empath
Now that we know why it affects us
Now that we know some of the levels to empathy
It is my hope, that you all know it is a wonderful gift or ability
It can be used for so much good, such as helping others.
And being in tune with ourselves.

Today let’s learn to ground ourselves. There are many ways in doing this. Some examples are: washing hands, showering, (as water is grounding, an earth element),
walking on the grassy earth, or on bare ground (barefoot if possible), touching or hugging a tree, touching a plant, having crystals handy, going into meditation,
or a visual of our own roots being sent into mother earth as an anchor....etc.

Do any of you have some ways you would like to share?

G: I do the roots thing but also have three lines two from feet and one from base Chakra
H: ah the cord, very good one

This can be very helpful, it may give us new ideas, so if anyone has more to add please do no matter how silly you may think it sounds.

G: I stamp my feet on the ground sometimes
H: very good

G: I do the roots thing too...but when things get rough...I will go touch a tree and send negative energy back into ground

G: I have also found that I can ground and meditate better by my old willow tree
H: Very good

G: I also clap my hands
H: good one
G: never thought about the tree ty
G: me neither
H: any others?

G: When you said touching plants is that also like gardening?
H: Yes or it can just be touching it and talking to the plant.

G: When I take a shower I visualize it as golden removing all negative energy that has clinging onto me
H: Very good
G: Sometimes I sing in the car really loud
H: Singing is a good one
G: I find singing very uplifting for me
H: it is isn't it

G: I love gardening I love sticking my hands in the soil
H: that’s great
G: I also like the sound of running water I find it very calming

See in doing this class in this way we can get ideas, the ones that stand for you, try and see how they work for you
One other thing.....have any of you ever tried the anger dance?
G: No have 2 left feet
H: It takes 2 left feet , what you do….is turn the music to what you like, upbeat of course
Turn it up, feel the beat, let it rise through your body the vibrations. Start to feel it pound in your body, then start moving, any way you want, even if it is stomping….stomp, turn,

G: lol yes I have danced like that- didn’t realise that was what I was doing before awesum

Thrown your arms around in the air, cuss if you want, grit your teeth if you want, arch if you can. It almost looks like a mad person. Just go crazy with it. Be Inventive. Let go and let loose. There is no exact way to do it. And then when you feel your calming down….that’s when the celebration starts. That’s when the happy dance comes……
ahhh and you feel free more free than before you started
ok when you have music on you feel the vibrations right? Makes you at least want to tap your toes?
G: I used to go clubbing- no alcohol just to feel the beat right inside, amazing feeling your heart starts to pound, it feels like its inside your veins
G: it’s a great way to get rid of stress
H: no rhyme or reason to it
G: another good way would be to find a big open field all on your own and have a really good scream

All that we have talked about tonight are ways to ground ourselves, and be in tune with ourselves. As empaths we have a lot going on all the time. So we need to ground and keep grounded. Do we all know how to send our roots into mother earth?
Ok great, this week I would like us all to do the anger dance at least one time, including me.
I definitely will
Absolutely, count me in
Me too
You will certainly see and feel a difference
One thing to remember....when we send negative energy down into mother earth…it is cleansed and turned back to us in a positive uplifting energy. As a part of our vibrations come from the earth….as well as all things.
What we feel and sense are vibrations from all things, the frequencies we get are at our own level. Like vs. Like. Like energies vs. Like energies.
Does everyone understand that?
G: what do you do if its too uplifting?
H: mother earth will give to you what you need hun, if it feels like too much ask her to take some back.
G: ok
H: who mentioned the cord?
H: does anyone else know about the cord?
G: yes
H: the one that keeps us anchored
G: I use them to stay grounded as much as possible
H: would you like to share with us in how you do this?
G: well it’s just like using the tree roots but instead of the roots you see cords coming from feet and area of base charka and you send then to the center of the earth you can send energy down them and get it back the same way but it seems to me to stay anchored more.
H: Another thing that can be done is walk around the room and feel the cord still attached to you
G: Also if you ask angels to help you keep them in place while you sleep they will.
I want to get into the moon phases next week. That will help us understand more about ourselves as well. I also want to take a look at how to cut the ties that bind us.
G: cool I would like to know more about those I feel very odd when the full moon is coming

G: next class is on a full moon lol…I will be skippy let me tell you
H: Will be just the right time lol

Thanks for sharing that with us

Empathy ~ Grounding or Anchoring

Diffrent Types of Grounding or Anchoring and how to do it

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