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Empathy ~ Levels of Empathy ~ Diffrent Types of Empath

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Empathy ~ Levels of Empathy ~ Diffrent Types of Empath


Levels of Empathy

Diffrent Types of Empath

Last week we touched on a bit of the history of empathy.
Today we will learn about the many levels to empathy.
There are several

Intuitive Empathy, Emotional or Clairempathy…is to sense or feel within ourselves, attitudes or emotions from others.

Precognition….is emotions or feelings of some future event or place.

Telepathy…which includes thoughts as well as feelings.

Physical or Healing Empathy….a type of body reading, where one can either sense or feel an ailment, then goes on to use universal energy healing (or other types) if given permission to do so. Also it should be advised for the healee to have a doctors visit if condition is persistent or severe.

Intellectual Shape Shifting….where you know what was meant to be said during conversation, but the words were not coming out as in the thought process of the other person.

Seer…..a form of seeing where the emotions are coming from and why they are causing the emotion, thus giving us a more intense feelings as to why. This also allows us confirmation. One will get visions of a scenario. Sometimes its can hit us like running into a brick wall, it’s stunning, though we know what hit us.

Spiritual Empathy….a god like ability in all of us, when in touch with this, or by opening up to it, by looking into ones eyes, the spiritual empath, can sense the other persons oneness with their god.

Then there are rear types of empathy,
Such as Molecular Empathy…which ones aura blends into another persons aura, both at a super fine level. From there they can move on to a more spiritual level together.

Animal Empathy....these empaths, have the gift of talking to animals and understanding their needs. You understand how it is to be that particular, cat….etc.

The list goes on to Medical Empathy, Enviromental Empathy, Garden Empathy, Crystal Empathy…..

In all we sense and feel. We know. period.
Some of us take on people only, others… animals, plants, buildings….etc. as well
We may have just one gift of empathy or many.

Can anyone give us an example of anything other than people? perhaps a building or whatever? (sorry I don’t have the comments to put in)

An empathic person looks below the surface, as well as the surface. Thus understanding where others are coming from, or why we are having these feelings from an object.

Let’s try this now -

Now some of you are concerned about turning off empathy.
One thing we can do is look into ourselves.
Just like we do with others.
Remember we can see below the surface in others, we can do the same for ourselves.
Try this exercise.
It works well in public or at home.
Anytime, any place.
First think about your favorite color
The shade of it
If you like to wear this color, if you decorate with this color….etc
Now go deeper, how does this color affect how you feel?
Does it make you happy, content, uplifted, calm….etc.
You can do this with sounds as well, like music, the sound of birds…etc.
This will help you focus on you, thus turning off any outside interference. We all need
our “me” time.
(sorry I don’t have everyones interactions here with this exercise)

We all have warning signals. Most of us the signals first start in our solar plexus. We need to get in touch with ourselves. Know our signals and from there we can tune into ourselves when needed.

Try this small exercise -
Try if your standing close and talking with someone. If feelings start to rise or you become bogged down as if your energy sinks….excuse yourself. Walk a few feet away. If the feeling seems to not be so strong, then you know where it was actually coming from. It wasn’t you.

I want you all to know that all are not empath. Some would beg to differ. However, not all can “sense” and “feel” things. In some research, it is said that out of 100 people only 95 of them are empath. So to me that is pretty close to everyone, though not all.

We have a connection to everything in the universe.

Next week we will talk on grounding or anchoring ourselves.

Empathy ~ Levels of Empathy

What types of Empath are there, Defining Empath types

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