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Divination with Cards - Wisdom of the four Winds by Cecilie Okada & Barry Brailsford divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights, Free Development Classes, Psychic Readings, 29 Fire Spirit of the East, Shadow 19 Holder of the West, 18 Light Holder of the North, 5 South Guardian

Wisdom of the four Winds by Cecilie Okada & Barry Brailsford

Divination with Cards

An introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights.

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Welcome to divination with cards circle. Lets gets straight down to it.

A short wish…
Let intuition and clear sight greet us within the circle
Pras jah.

Tonight we have a treat in the deck we are going to review, but before we do, most decks Iv seen come with various guises of, the 4 elements earth, fire, air, and water, as I interpret them. To me, these represent things in each off us. This is just my way of helping me see the interpretation and not set in stone by any means. The elements give me a feeling, or ingredient, to add to the cooking pot of the whole spread.

Air I would see as thoughts (head)
Water as emotions (chest)
Fire as a doing card (stomach)
Earth as a sure footing like a ground or reward for actions (lower abdomen.

I then can relate this to astrological signs and elements, following certain traits, certain directions. You might be thinking “oh no chi’s going off on one, on a ponder and looking toward the door” hehe but its locked. But I feel its worth a ponder before we look on tonight’s deck as they feel to me a very natural deck and related to much in nature. The deck we are looking at is, Wisdom of the four winds

The pack keepers feel for their deck
Lets hear about tonight’s deck, kindly put forward Wisdom of the winds by Barry Brailsford and illustrated by Cecilie Okada.

This is a New Zealand pack of cards using animals, plants and stones found in New Zealand. I love them because I can identify with the pictures they are very earthy cards while also being very universal. Each direction has an element connected to it. ie North = Air, East = Fire, West = Water, South = Earth. There is also 3 yin and 3 yang guardians for each direction to reveal the power of the interplay of opposites. Along with guardians and elements each direction has a holder of virtue and a holder of the dream. They work the same as other cards; you can do a spread or just pick one. The messages from them can hit you like a 10-pound hammer but in a very subtle kind of way. a friend of mine lent them to me, he forgot I had them, so he bought himself another deck, he said that they were at home at my place, so that is where they should stay

The circle asked Questions about the pack,

Is the hammer wrapped in cotton wool? Depends on whether you are listening or not.

Could you explain about the three yang? 3 feminine and 3 masculine attached to each direction east, fire dreams vision hope the springtime of life, south innocence, joy. gater in summertime life each direction holds different qualities, like with the native Americans, west, wind vigilance, completion and faith. Lastly north, alignment, knowledge and courage.

Do the cards have symbols for us to look out for in them or are they a feeling? Feeling mainly but pictures do represent something as in the qualities of that object, whether it is plant, animal etc

The cards for tonight’s circle
Let us take a look at the cards pulled tonight, please look at first card and try not to be tempted to scroll down to look at all other cards, the 1st impression is only there briefly and doesn’t come back
do give yourself time to allow the interpretation to come, I feel these are unusual cards and it would be easy to just look on the surface and see little, but scratch deeper on the surface and see what turns up.
Take your time and don’t feel pressured you have to say something, it will come if needed.

The four Wisdom of the four Winds by Cecilie Okada & Barry Brailsford selected for tonights circle are as follows

1st Card
29 Fire - Passion
Fire Spirit of the East
This person has a strong personality and a fiery temper to boot, the card even seems to be shaking.

Strength, a powerful force, passionate reaching for the sky.

It looked like a very beautiful flower in full bloom.

Open the door to your inner passions and dreams, now is the time to act upon them.

I feel this is a very powerful person with passionate beliefs once they choose their path they stick to it also very loyal person.

The first card I feel warmth, anger, happiness, mother earth, secrecy world of colour, a very powerful card which has so many meanings.

I got feel that the card means to do with purpose and the person means to go forth and whatever they do is done with great passion and feeling and they have leadership and will lead others for good not bad.

Power and energy of creation, purification and transmutation, beginnings and endings that turn into new beginnings as purification and transmutation take place.

There is a fire burning within this person (their passion) that once unleashed is like exploding fireworks (they are ready)

Lots of excitement with brand new creative ideas

The card to me give an unlimited burst of energy in something the person is doing represented by the volcano and the fire, it sort of looks like a sparkler, which maybe saying use the energy you have to best effect and not just wave it in the air in awe, or you have much natural energy to face what you are doing, the white mist/clouds gives a sense of mysticism or divine overseeing.

Headstrong but motherly wants purity to prevail ways

2nd Card

19 Octopus - Resolution
Shadow Holder of the W est
My stomach dropped when I saw this card. I feel there are some uncomfortable issues this person has to deal with and not looking forward to sorting them out although they need to be done.

I feel that this person would be sort of lost, floating.....not sure of their direction they need to find some purpose in their life

Didn’t like this one felt person very unsettled maybe mental health breakdown and is pulled all ways not sure which direction to take.

This card initially appeared dark to me but as name resolution, I feel patients maybe needed, the octopus tends to go with the flow and drift around will remaining in control, I think the card implies use the current of sea (emotions) to best effect even though it may push you where you don’t initially want to be.

Something that has been set in motion that can't be stopped.

Outward going personality intelligent but at this moment in time pondering where to go but feel they want to settle.

It is time to face your fears, so that you can move forward old emotions, fears etc,

Confusion, feeling like not be able to free themselves to open up

Before this fire can explode ,l there is shadow side, i.e. lessons that must be dealt with first fears, letting go of old

Flux and flow, many options to take hold with if you can manage to choose which one to use. Born in the shadows and depths of the sea of emotion and spirit. Hidden in those same shadows and depths until looked for.

3rd Card

18 Whitebait - Commitment
Light Holder of the North
Being a north cold that reminds me of cold winds and a time to shelter with others, the white bait are in a shoal suggestion use advice from people around you and don’t feel you have to stand out from crowd sometimes its good to mingle unnoticed, the background colours green I feel are feelings and the clouds are hurt in feelings, the whitebait are swimming through.

I feel this card is a positive one I feel and it shows a searching for something that is there waiting to be found, and it will be.

Feel like others look to this person, feels responsibilities needs to let go and not feel responsible all the time, make your commitment, there will be people there to support you and your choices (whitebait all swimming in the same direction)

All for common goal and pulling in same direction a close family seeking shelter together a helper a giver will go in any direction to help a true friend a protector a healer

Decisions to be made they want to stabilise their life even though it means leaving things behind a general clearing of life

This person has a destination in mind, and is willing to accept help from others to achieve their goal. They are willing to go with the flow

This card I felt much love instantly, hope, it speaks of hope, and there is group support here

I feel this card is a movement forward, team work, an abundance to be done to achieve what is needed.

Innocence, youth, togetherness, continuing the orderly cycle of nature, faith in that it will work out.

Wants to be free but still needs people around them at all times

4th Card

5 Sparrow - Simplicity
South Guardian
I like this card, it very subtle and is simple a peaceful conclusion to matters.

I feel this card shows a long search for peace in there life, I feel it will be a long wait for them to be totally at peace but this person is a sticker someone who will wait for it and not desert there post in order to get it but to weather the storm and ride it out.

This feels like they want to fly free but have to keep feet on the ground and causing lots of negative feelings but things will soon be put to rights and they can go with a blessing and peace

Simplify your life and remember to attend to your own needs as well

crave the simple pleasures in life don’t want the complications freedom of choice letting go of past

I feel this card shows one being able to take a rest after much hard work.

This indicates to me someone of a gentle nature, a nurturing kind, happy with home and family. Feel they would fight to the ends of the earth for their family and friends.

Sees things clearly, sometimes too clearly and are wary to let go

Don’t fight the hard lesson, you make them too hard, keep it simple and it will flow easier

The weakest in appearance is often the strongest, found in abundance. Where the illusion of power is found the numbers of individuals are small. Yet in one that is considered weak, is found many together. Not limited to only one small location. Their beauty subtle but present for those with an eye to see.

Humble and full of love and ready to take on any task needed

The circle drew all the cards together into the overall impression

I feel that it would mean that someone has known fire and passion in their life, but had lost their way. With the help of others they will find that again because they are now heading the right way

Look toward family and friends for guidance

Follow your inner passion, face your fears, you have support around you, but keep it simple, follow your inner voice and look after you nice set of cards to come together!!!

Although loads of turmoil and insecurities the family will come out ok and pull together for the love for each other is very strong and will keep them together a positive and happy conclusion

I feel someone may be starting a new venture full of fresh ideas, they have the support of friends and family and after much hard work the can rest and reap what they have sown into.

I feel this person has issues that are making them hot headed and agitated. Don’t like the thought of dealing with them as it is a hard path to take and they yearn for peace and tranquillity but this will only come with being wise and may have to wait awhile as others have to be thought off first in

I feel this person is a very powerful and loving person, who are very passionate in anything they choose. To do once they decide very outgoing and intelligent not sure of what they doing right now but feel they want to settle lots of decisions to be made and they want to settle feel more secure they have to leave the past behind and move on they self’s, they seek simple life

Feel that someone has great strength but is humble, needs to follow inner voice. Accept the new way, even if difficult, seem very positive.

I would feel this person has the ability to be a good healer a person full of passion willing to help many people. A person which is very much in contact with today’s world and mother nature a quite person who does what has to be done and slips away

There is a burning desire to do something and it may not seem to happen quick enough, in this situ you need patients and don’t fight the flow go with it, use people advice around you to overcome emotional issues which you feel hold you back, don’t be afraid to face things which people may look on as a step
back, it will work out fine as the sparrow suggests, the simple things please, a sense of free will and not necessary to display all goods to all, inner peace I feel is strong and this will come .if you wish for something and persevere it will appear .

The person who posed the question gave insight into cards drawn for them and interpretation

The question was…. What will I be doing with my work. I’m impressed with the answers more than you may think, when I spoke to chi it’s a far deeper question that you may think. The answers are very close to what spirit has given to me this week. I feel you have all hit the nail square on, was told by spirit that I need to put past issues to sleep before I can continue in peace. Feel the question would have taken it different though answers far deeper not knowing. Could spend hours explaining what you have just done and said in an hour

The circle ask questions and gave thoughts.

Feel that you have other people to consider in your decision and that your decision may not work for every one if you make the wrong choice

Didn’t know there was question, but glad to know on right track god bless spirit

The cards speak universally I think its amazing how we all catch the drift of readings and the flow of cards.

All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small god gave us them all along with the gift and ability to do as we are doing in here tonight

Always more than one answer to a question

There were differences but a lot of similarities

Glad I didn’t know question because it just makes me feel I’m going up spiritual ladder

It made me understand why I don’t use a book, I just go with what is

I think you can tailor your answer to the question

I never had a book of meanings of my cards till couple months ago, had card 12 yrs or so I disagree with much of books interpretation, intuition is the key I feel

I got a book with my cards, and the meanings they gave don’t seem to make a lot of sense my cards mean something different each time

I find that with crystal too, I will choose the crystal first, then look at what they mean

I will now close the circle, thank you so much for your contribution, it was great. Thank you for the love and light and insight into tonight’s cards, so it be

pras jah

Divination with Cards Wisdom of the four Winds by Cecilie Okada & Barry Brailsford

An introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fotrune telling, predictions and insights.

Mystic Familiar offers Psychic Development Classes Divination with Cards, Psychic Readings, Psychic Insights


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