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Divination with Cards - The Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childers, The Discovery of Self Through Native Teachings, divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights, Free Development Classes, Psychic Readings, Stone People 39, Great Mystery 37, Dreamtime 33, Cradelboard 27

Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childers

The Discovery of Self Through Native Teachings

Divination with Cards

Learn to read the Tarot for free. This is an introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights. Learning to do tarot card readings couldn’t be easier join us in our free Tarot classes and Oracle card class Divination with Cards. Learn to build your psychic intuition and develop your psychic insights. These classes are aimed at aiding psychic connections during tarot readings.

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The Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childers

A short wish
lets welcome insight and honest intuition
and clear messages from tonight’s cards
pras jah

First before we get to the deck a short ponder –

Something I often think about regarding cards, if when reading the spread of your deck, the cards show impending gloom. Some say that no negative stuff should be given during a reading, I agree, it does however leave the issue that good and bad happen to us in circle of life. Indeed if I take this on a personal view. I’m grateful of my bad experiences in the past because they made me who I am now, without them I would be I feel less strength in spirit, my point is, are bad things shown in cards sometimes turn to good things in the long run. I appreciate that some decks don’t have any negative cards, could these decks be further up the message line, example: good come from what might initially be interpreted as bad. Messages given in the spread, may be needed to be given, maybe as a warning for person to adjust behaviour to avoid an outcome, therefore it would be wrong to try to ignore a negative reading. How do you relay the message from cards? Do you “as it given or adjust the message? What are your feelings and thoughts around this? Or do your cards look past the bad?

Yes for me I agree bad as well as good makes us who we are we learn from it.

I feel that a negative card does not necessarily mean a negative reading.

There is a right way and a wrong way to offer your reading. Negative can be said in a way that is positive such as, you were victorious in overcoming these challenges.

You can put the reading in a positive way.

Is that not what tarot etc readings are though about, offering insights for bad situation by giving advice should the situation come up.

I agree, as your job as a reader, you are giving in truth what you receive, everyone has free will and it is up to the receiver to take it on board or not, there is no need to be blunt, just cautious.

I trust spirit wont give me any impending doom to pass on and so far they served me good, I have faith in spirit, and if I had to pass a message on I trust spirit would give me the words.

Give a warning not to scare just be aware an believe it meant to be

What I do if a negative card comes out I find there are different ways of putting it across say with tact I always read tactfully. I feel they just make us aware to be more cautious over an issue.

I feel we need guidance on our paths, cards aren’t really negative, just gives us things to ponder even if it is pebbles on the road.

Tonight’s cards Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childer
Thank you for sharing your deck with us, The Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam, illustrated by Linda Childers. Please tell us about your pack and your feelings for them. They look like a great deck

The Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childer card keeper gave there view on the deck:

I bought the Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childer 15 years, ago, as I was always drawn to Native American culture they are a part of me and contain my energy within them. There are 44 cards, this number being a sacred number in NA culture, there are no contrary cards in the Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam pack. The reason for this is that you are viewing the steps of initiation that your earth walk contains. Their purpose is to show you the steps of your spiritual development in a way that allows you to come to your own spiritual truths. All creatures beings are sacred, stone people (stones), standing people (trees) two legged (Human). All of mother earth, nature teaches us things and can aid us on our paths. These cards show you where you are on your medicine walk (Path) and what is needed at this time. I use them along with the medicine cards (animal totems) my book that comes with it, has long stories for each card along with application. I work strictly with the cards and no book, the stories show how the card came about, the stores teach much on NA past.

Questions and Answers on the Sacred Path by Jamie Sam deck given by the circle
You know how I feel about NA, they feel very similar to my wisdom deck? Yes they are quite similar.
I love Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childer and their messages

Are there depth in layers in the Sacred Path Cards? Yes.

Does this deck use illustrations of different earth energies? Yes nature is revered by NA and nature teaches us.

The four The Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childers selected for tonights circle are as follows

1st Card
Stone People 39
Stone People 39
Well I found this one took me a while to read, there appears to be two people involved in a dispute facing away from each other, something needs to be resolved here.

The hide is open, allowing the inner you to step forward with firm steps, be sure of your steps.

I feel this person has good spiritual gifts that surprised them, I feel they are beginning to be open to them again.

Pathways of deep knowledge. History older than time. Strength is tempered with softness. The stones talk and impart wisdom. Take time to sit quietly and learn peace and tranquillity from the stones.

I feel the card was saying worries will be healed, troubles past, leave no stone unturned to accomplish what you seek.

Bones of the earth, enduring memory written on by time, for they endure without changing except with time's writing upon them. Trivia passes them by, unable to affect them only that which is important may impress upon them for only it has the weight to do so.

Notice the colours within the stone itself, it changes there is info coming and the stones, if right one found, will aid in revealing answer I see colours showing within the stones.

The person is holding a lot in they have knowledge of their paths, maybe withholding it a little though.

I think the person feels trapped and cant move but is falling to see the opening before them.

Certainly see it as a card of inner reflections or deep rooted desire for knowledge.

A solid foundation, like thoughts chiselled in stone, a set believe and a sureness of self and thoughts, the coloured beads around the centre I feel show a balanced and healthy spirit, possibly felt stronger in past but is still there, just doubted at this time. A natural ebb and flow I feel.

I feel ages wisdom that brings solitude, whether by trial and endurance etched forever upon it telling of past experience.

2nd Card

Great Mystery 37
Great Mystery 37
The opening here facing inward to reveal the other level saying to look to our beginning roots where we began, the end returning to one.

I feel a new opportunity arising, something unexpected, very exciting and wanted, lots to learn.

This is bursting through and I feel cant be stopped, the feeling the card gives me is like an eye or light at end of dark tunnel. The light or star is bright and it will increase as time goes on, patients is needed to get there.

I feel this person needs to go back into the past to where they suppressed their gifts and work on this issue.

A dream unfolding and the light at the end of the tunnel positive feeling with the yellow and life’s ups and downs will come right.

I feel the person being read dreams about spirit, higher self-etc and to pay attention to them

Time to stand in the circle of your own truth, and reconnect with spirit, who are going to guide you once you open up to the trust that is needed universe, possibilities are endless.

See great depth in this card and looking further see the wonders opening up before me, do get a sense of sadness although this passed on looking further suggesting is only temporary condition.

The gateway is open if you choose to step through it. The light and truth waits beyond the now. Reach with your heart, and see the beauty with your soul. Spirit and joy await the seeker

The person feels that there life has been smothered and have now broken free and can see the light at the end of a long hard struggle.

3rd Card

Dreamtime 33
This person will find they will learn so much from there dreams, spirit may visit them and bring messages and learning, lots of opportunity to progress this way. This may be a more favoured way of receiving spirit for the person in question.

I feel this card could relate to sitter having sleep problems and meditation is the key they need to learn how to relax I feel the colours represent they are an energetic person and also creative.

Listen to your dreams, answers will be given in dreamtime, also meditate, this is a personal journey, that only you can walk, no one can do the walking for you, trust is what you need.

Person has been seeking peace and spiritual awareness, and has connected with spirit, they are comfortable with path they walk and will bring great happiness and peace in the future meditate and connect with spirit.

Answers are indeed being shown in dreamstate and needs to be logged and thought through, the dreams are endless at this time, many ideas bursting.

I feel this person has trouble with sleep but feel messages are sent to them through dreams while they are asleep they should listen to their dreams and write it down.

The dream world meets the now. Nature resides there and here, and the two are as one. Think carefully on this, but do not allow yourself to become lost in the world of dreams, keep your feet firmly on the ground.

I like this card, it feels a spiritual card with much in it, the issue pondered by Question is around in dreams and what you wish for using your will power will materialise if you wish., the answers will come to where you want them to materialised, so get materialising.

The person can see what life offers, also they are watching pass them and are scared to reach and grab it.

Feel this more of a doing card and all is possible.

4th Card

Cradelboard 27
Cradelboard 27
This person has a lot to carry on shoulders but with what is being offered they are able to handle all that comes, inner strength.

I see bad things I can’t explain my fingers feel as if they are freezing when I looked at it.

The person has seen the light and got rid of the old and started again and now feel comfortable and happy, there is a sense of belonging.

Once they you work through everything I feel there will be a new understanding a spiritual awakening.

Find your inner child, you need to laugh more and not to be so uptight, don’t be so serious in you life, life is so much more enjoyable if you let more laughter in. It’s ok to be silly once in a while; no one is going to think any less of you for it. Enjoy life and embrace it, get as much out of it as you can.

Didn’t get much on this one except felt a warning of some kind? and wasn’t comfy with got all tingling in fingers

New beginnings, a time for you, wisdom and the knowledge are there to be used, play with the child within feel the person is a bit reluctant to do so.

This puts me in mind of the fool in tarot, a person on the road to knowledge, starting from nothing and taking a path that will ultimately give what the seeker desires.

Rebirth, new awakening of self. Protected by warmth and love, it surrounds you. You need much affection in your life, and are loved by many. You are learning the way now, becoming aware of the path, making your choices. See purity depicted by white, and a rainbow in aura. Feels you need to know you are right in what you are thinking

You adapt like a baby to your surroundings and accept what is giving without question, this is a virtue and a strength.

The circle gave their interpretation of the Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childer all together, as one picture.

Overall outcome of the cards I feel that it’s a message to tell you spirits communicate different ways.

Let go of personal issues that have clouded the past or resolve them as they are causing you problems by not doing so. New spiritual beginnings happening for you which will be very exciting and rewarding look out for messages in your dreams as they will be very insightful, and enjoy life more as you have so much to be gained by doing so. You don’t need to be in charge all the time.

This person needs to return to nature, sit among mother earth, around the stones and reconnect to within, the info is coming, and is receiving much wisdom and guidance in dreams, if they are open to listening, their ability to respond is there, aided with support. This is awesome message for this person, it is all within them, and the info has been trying to reach them. Outcome very positive and forward movement is happening now needs quiet time to listen to the messages.

This person has come through the sad times and onto the path they are meant to walk, stand strong, listen and trust, this will lead you to much happiness and fulfilment, if you choose to do so, this is the block I feel.

This person has suppressed their gifts they need to go back in past to when they suppressed their gifts and work on issues difficulty in sleeping but need to listen to dreams once they work through everything new spiritual awakening and understanding.

Felt all was positive and follow spiritual path an worries will fade, look inside yourself and then find peace an contentment but don’t understand why last card my fingers felt cold and tingling felt like warning.

Remember who you are, and thus reconnect with the source, which is spirit and find your true being which shows in spirit (dreamtime) then you will reach new levels /beginnings.

This person has had many lessons to learn, even the most difficult lessons are softened by the presence of spirit. As time moves on I feel the lessons are getting earlier to spot so not such bad/heavy lessons and still spirit is strong with this person. I feel this person uses meditation for self healing and turn to meditation when they require anything healing/strength/calming etc spirit are drawing this person to them in a protective manner. . . . Like a mother would a child overall it's a positive spiritual message and this person in the arms of spirit. I didn’t join in individual cards because I got the softness from the hide right away, as opposite the hard of the stone.

Feel a positive future and getting brighter. By seeking the knowledge, you will learn. Accept all sources, and all help. Believe in yourself and in spirit, and a bright new dawn is at hand. Enjoy the journey!

See what’s in front of them then they can break free from there current restraints and grab a bit of life that way they can start a new and find the happiness and comfort they seek.

I feel the person, is now building castle built on solid foundation, the question asked has been maturing for quite a while and been waiting for things to move on. It has been a journey and there is a way to go yet but not long, if the person perseveres on this path using willpower and wanting the out come to happen it will, the result may not be what the person anticipated but this is positive because the outcome will be as needed to move upwards, the blanket colour on last 2 cards goes to white suggestion the person is moving into a more spiritual realm. There is much going to happen and a strong feeling of spiritual progression I feel.

Feel this is overall a positive spread, and saying to me this person has a depth as yet untold. There is much they can and will learn over a space of time, there is still this feeling of sadness or longing showing to me. The 2nd 2 cards I feel belong together and also tell me this person tends to put on a front to a certain extent, they will ultimately will get where they want to go.

The circle pondered about the Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childer and there feelings surrounding.
Why did last card make me feel like it did? Was positive up to then? I don’t know, babies are about new beginnings as the card suggests and this person needs to be proud of efforts, just need to return to their beginnings and regroup and listen to messages. The feeling you had was from spirit, your interpretation of feeling to you is your message.

Last few peoples explanations sound like they read cards for me strange feeling?
I feel reading is like healing sometimes, theirs a sort of rub of universal energy.
It’s possible that since spirit knows your going to use spread in room spirit chooses one that has message, so each are getting their own message.

The numbers in the cards seem to carry there own message, the number 3 run though-out the cards to me, it suggests a strong force, a trine, balance, mind body, soul? Yes a trinity, the 3 is a high master number. It seemed in the cards even, 27 strong force. 3 times 3 times 3=27.

I just bought angel cards how do I keep them to reserve my energy?.
I kept mine with me at always and slept with them under pillow.
Turn the bottom card after use too. I keep mine wrapped in a silk cloth.
Keep them on me when I can. I keep my cards in their box.
The cloth I use to cover mine has much of my energy

I did find hard to interpret maybe because I am not used to them although they are beautiful cards.
I too found them hard at first.
You got what spirit intended you to get.
It is why they work well for me, I resonate strongly with the American Indian culture.

The question put to the cards: What is the next step I need to take to reach goal?

Can I ask, is it important for us to know the Question? Are we after conformation of our feelings for cards?
Only would like to know because I’m nosey not because I got to know.
Yes, I like the question after giving my interpretation, that way my brain cant interfere.
The interpretation for me would not of changed maybe just understood more.

The circle pondered over some points brought up by cards:

How many actual decks are there. inc angel, tarot etc?. 100s, I expect that number grows constantly , could maybe build a house with them then.

Does anyone think it funny we all sort of got messages from cards?.
Personally each as a person got bits from them.
I find amazing reading over all our interpretation they link in together I feel.
This person has the support needed here, wonderful message.

I take it the cradleboard card here has the same kind of meaning as the death card in other packs?
Babies are new beginnings. I have another card that speaks of death/rebirth. In this reading this person is comming to new beginnings.
death. . . end of old allowing for new start

Thank you for yet another wonderful circle your input was great, thanks spirit for your guidance and messages. So it be
plaz jah

Divination with Cards The Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sam illustrated by Linda Childers

Learn to read the Tarot for free. This is an introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights. Learning to do tarot card readings couldn’t be easier join us in our free Tarot classes and Oracle card class Divination with Cards. Learn to build your psychic intuition and develop your psychic insights. These classes are aimed at aiding psychic connections during tarot readings.


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