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Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene

Divination with Cards

Learn to read the Tarot for free. This is an introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights. Learning to do tarot card readings couldn’t be easier join us in our free Tarot classes and Oracle card class Divination with Cards. Learn to build your psychic intuition and develop your psychic insights. These classes are aimed at aiding psychic connections during tarot readings.

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Welcome to divination with cards and thank you for joining me, in this circle I hope that we can learn from each other taken our inspiration and seeing clearer. We shall investigate together our feelings and images on selected cards. We will look at a different pack each week the cards viewed tonight are pulled in answer to a Question put to tonight’s pack. So the cards on view are available for a reason, and we could read as we would our own in a reading, this I hope will expand our trust in the spirit connection we use to read cards. This is an open floored circle and indeed without your inspiration and insights, thoughts, the circle won’t work. So please express your thoughts, do please share! I’m not going to sit in middle of room offering book meanings, the accepted translation of cards do not interest me here, inspiration does.

Everyone has a unique view of what card mean to us. Opinions may and hopefully will vary, none are right or wrong, if it makes us take a look slightly differently at our cards, “jobs a goodern” as the saying goes! So please let’s make this as interactive as possible so we canl learn from each other. We will all get a chance to speak on cards shown, I hope you enjoy them, I am certainly looking forward to them. Remember because our knowledge of tonight’s cards maybe new to us, this may help our intuition to come through, this can help to provide a purer message from the cards less is more.

Let us join as one in a short thanks for our focus and protection. With the cards we work with tonight, we give thanks to spirit for interpretation and allow us to see, feel hear messages sent through the cards viewed, let us take and send on our thoughts held with cards, and the energy received is pure and light. Praz jah

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Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene viewed by circle and impressions given for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights.

We shall look at the Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene cards in moment and see what we feel, after we take a look we can ponder on the meanings. Study the Mythic Tarot cards and see below the layers. Listen, feel, see, say after what insights you gain, however insignificant it may appear, it may be relevant.

The six Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene Cards selected for tonight’s circle are as follows. The circles interpretation and impression of the Mythic Tarot cards were shared, a sample of responses given by the circle are as follows -

1st Card

Mythic Tarot ~ Queen of Swords

Mythic Tarot  Queen of Swords

Someone with a lot on their mind; problems need to be solved. Looking at her eyes, I see a wee bit of pain. They jumped out at me when I first looked at the card, a bit of sadness behind them. Time is a healer. That is all I have. Thank you.

Someone protecting with one hand, and giving with the other, she is giving force to those who need around her. The mountains I feel, represent past struggles but now, as she is resting, it seems like she wants to give back some of what has been taken. Blue is significant also, I feel, harmony with the elements in a way. Thank you.

I focused on the jug. I felt a person worrying over something that has happened yet felt that there is no use crying over spilt milk. Thank you.
I see this person as being preoccupied. Normally worthy of her place on the throne, I feel the throne is not getting the 100 per cent attention required, (water being trickled away). Thank you.

I think that she is mother earth pouring out her life, giving water to a desert land but I also noticed that the water dries up before it hits the ground, very interesting. Thank you.

I feel someone who has the weight of the world on her shoulders, feels shackled and wants to break free - needs to break free - for health reasons. Thank you.

This person, whoever it is, has many things on their mind. Blue is important. Healing qualities but she is defending on one side and giving on the other. Thank you.

I focused on the jug, as someone slowly emptying out her fears whilst trying to remain in control. This person has inner strength, but doubts this at the present. Thank you.

I feel with these cards, the queen is the person sitting on her throne, on one hand she has control of the things she is doing (the sword), on the other, she holds emotions and choices, when and how much, in her hands. In the distance are some ice-capped mountains. I feel these are a sign of tough times or peaks overcome in the past; now she sits more chilled on the throne made of solid stone, a better footing. Thank you.

2nd Card

Mythic Tarot ~ King of Swords

Mythic Tarot  King of Swords

This could be a partner, but I feel it has a symbol message that strength is required because justice and fairness are with you. Again, this is a doing card. I feel like this man is letting emotion over-ride control. The clouds in the sky are clouding his judgement. Thank you.

A situation needs weighing up - the pros and cons, but needs considering practically - not letting the heart rule. The wisdom of the king is with this person, if they do not let their heart rule the situation. Thank you.

I noticed that he holds the scales of justice in one hand while holding the sword with the other. Handed down with the swords is justice. Thank you.
The king balances out problems and brings forth strength. I felt the queen relied on the man in her life for her strength. Thank you.

Dark struggle for balance here I feel, still trying to protect the turbulent sky and darkness I feel it is to do with emotions and that struggle. Again, the triangles stand out for some reason, though not sure why, it seems like harmony and balance can be achievable with great struggle, and this person is trying to protect that. Thank you.

I feel this is a strong person, who is fair but forceful. He is on solid ground. Thank you.

Obstacles overcome, but there has been a rather cold reception in some situation, creating a guard (sword) but also trying to bring balance and harmony into a relationship, which will give things a surer and more solid foundation. Within the relationship, there may have been some discord. Thank you.

A strong person in their life, keeping things on an even keel, maybe a bit too much control over the person at times. Thank you.

I am in disagreement with everyone. I saw the barren background as this person'slife NEEDS balance. It is barren of balance right now. Thank you.

There is no right or wrong. I feel that there are things that need balancing but need the sword to be set free, to be able to move on. Thank you.

3rd Card

Mythic Tarot ~ Five of Pentacles

Mythic Tarot  Five of Pentacles

You have worked hard to get where you are now and have the things you have around you. Lining your walls with wealth and power, things gained, yet you are cautious and aware not flamboyant. It may be that, materially, you have less, but spiritually, which you have an abundance. Thank you.

They have been avoiding something. The five discs of gold have meaning, but I do not know what it could be. This person has walked a lonely path. They are hiding from their self and others. Thank you.

I feel that there is a journey made alone, hence the darkness, but there will be light at the end, hence the bright moon. Thank you.

This card seems to me to represent energy. This person is hiding from themselves in the spiritual side of things, wants to be hide, to remain quiet and inconspicuous. They are also searching for things I feel, and the light is guiding them. I get the impression of waiting for something also. As something/someone coming that can guide or help them. Thank you.

They are looking for answers to several problems. Life has been hard and they are lost. Nowhere to turn but hope will come. Thank you.

I feel that the man in the cloak is sneaking around, almost with negative intent, sneaky, cloak and dagger sort of stuff I get from this card. Thank you.

I feel that even though it is dark there is still hope. Thank you.

I feel the person does not realise their path is illuminated. They feel they are in the darkness and alone. They have many riches that they are not realizing, appreciating - right now. Thank you.

4th Card

Mythic Tarot ~ Ten of Pentacles

Mythic Tarot  Ten of Pentacles

Though they have walked a dark and lonely path at times, the future is brighter, and their strength and focus will be greater. Focus is on the family, whether this is real family or spiritual family, only they will know. Thank you.

The hardships in the last card have moved on to all the things you worked for are granted. You have all this around you, in feelings, thoughts and wishes. What you worked for is coming your way because you deserve it. Thank you.

I feel in the end harmony will be restored, the fruits representing good health. The family will have new beginnings and peace. Thank you.

I see happiness of family, real fatherhood, growth, nurturing and family love in this card. Thank you.

I see a new life, a new beginning, possibly a birth. I feel a move on the horizon. The hope has arrived at last and they will see light at the end of a long tunnel. Thank you.

This card seems to represent family and connection with nature. Family means a lot to this person and represents their whole world. With this card, it seems like the woman is standing back from the rest. Feeling like not playing an important part in things, although she does watch them all. The male is the focus - surrounded and centre of it all. Thank you.

Out of the dark and into the light. The person is no longer alone and in the dark. They have emerged from their tunnel and I see the green in this card as calming ...the blue as healing. This person has changed in many ways. Yet they already have what is there to give. Happiness, they are just not seeing it right now. Thank you.

I get the feeling the woman stands back as if not fully belonging; though she watches over the family she still feels distant from it. Thank you.
I feel someone, who is coming into personal power, in addition to the other comments. Thank you.

5th Card

Mythic Tarot ~ Page of Swords

Mythic Tarot  Page of Swords
The page carries a message for you to reach your goals. The things you are doing, or trying to create. Drift with free will and accept of things that come, expressing yourself is a good way but do not blow hot air, be direct and sure. Thank you.

I see a free tomorrow, thank you.

You have overcome and risen above so many obstacles now. You are well on your spiritual journey and can see what you have to do making your own way. Thank you.

This person is fighting a spiritual battle within himself or herself, I feel the blue again represents energy, and they are pushing away the things that can cause them harm. This person has risen before. I feel linked to the first two cards. This one shows perspective of things, and some level of spiritual freedom. The hurdles (mountains) of recent times seem distant and below, but there seems to be always something to protect against. Thank you.

I think it means the winds of change. The negative in your life now swept away, replaced by a positive force for you. Thank you.

I feel the removal of obstacles, looking within for clarity. Thank you.

I see this as achieving something and future happiness with inner calm. Thank you.

This person is going places, flying high and should set goals high because they will get their wish. Thank you.

This person has a sense of freedom but must not recreate problems for themselves. Thank you.

I am a bit confused, wonder if you can throw light on this one, please.
Sure. One minute I think the cards are for a man, one minute for a woman, are the cards influenced by both sexes in their choosing? Could it be the person has qualities of both, or at least both parties needed? May be the woman is using male energy. There are still mountains to cross before the relationship gets better though. I feel that they will be guided by their angels. Thank you.
6th Card

Mythic Tarot ~ Six of Pentacles

Mythic Tarot  Six of Pentacles
Here we are back at the throne and back with the rewards coming your way, it sure is good on the horizon and things of greatness are bound for you, if you choose it, the choice is in your hands. Someone feels the need for forgiveness even if it is only a state of mind. Thank you.

This person wants something they do not feel worthy of, they are thankful for what is given to them, but I feel there is a price to pay for this. This person needs to feel more worthwhile about themselves and feel they are worthy of things. They also look up to people too much and forget that everyone is equal in their own right. This person needs to boost self-esteem but keep aware of respect to all. Thank you.

I feel that there must be forgiveness dispensed in the relationship for it to continue. Mercy must be handed out and love as well. I also feel that this person does not feel worthy of the forgiveness and relies on the mercy of the other to continue in the relationship. Perhaps an affair with the sneaky cloak fellow a few cards previously. Thank you.

Receiving wealth material and health if you can accept that you are worthy, it is yours for the taking. Thank you.

This feels like a reversal of something here. The tables will turn and good things will come your way. Thank you.

I feel this person has to be forgiven, or feels the need to be accepted by others. They have a low confidence maybe issues from the past have caused this. Thank you.

Showing gratitude for things given also forgiveness. The atmosphere of the room seems warm and both are dressed accordingly. Thank you.

A call for help heard, spiritual and material abundance is coming. Thank you.

I feel things righted for this person. Things are going so well they are doing the only thing a spiritual person can do: they are sharing their wealth of knowledge. This is truly a spiritual person. Thank you.

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Now that we look at the individual Mythic Tarot and pondered their meanings let us and see how they build a complete picture, let us give our view on the overall meaning of the Mythic Tarot cards, as we would read the cards all together.

The circle shared their interpretation as one picture (meaning), the sample of responses given by the circle are as follows -

Things you are doing are in constant judgement. You work hard for what you have and it gives me a feeling of foundations built on solid ground. You have had rough times materially and had to be cautious, but this has helped you grow to know things of worth. I feel this is emotionally too and that you have a good partner to help you. You have goals and your head gets to it, doing things to reach these goals. If you can express yourself more in things you are doing, great things are set to come, but get your head down and create it. It is in your control. Thank you.

This person is fighting for balance and equality, and they feel that the world around them is a bit unforgiving so they like to hide away from things, as they do not feel worthy of what they have been given. Sometimes this person rises above the clouds but feels like there is always something fighting against them. Their family are important to them but they feel that they are missing out, on quality time, because there are too many things to do. This person needs to feel more at peace and value self more, realize that they have everything they need. I did notice that most of the cards contained blue or green clothes. This I feel is the person's energy. Thank you.

The start is life trickling away followed by doubting yourself. The clouded judgement and the lonely journey, probably indicates soul searching then the fruits of your labour: family, then the spiritual journey followed by acceptance. Thank you.

This might not be connected but while looking at the cards I have heard the Bay City rollers "I love You love" song in my head? May be a dark corner of your past, with tartan trousers on, we shall see! I feel this relationship has been for a long time, mutual, however the partnership is now in trouble of some kind. Someone is sneaking behind the back of the other in business or pleasure. The winds will change. There will be forgiveness and the relationship will grow stronger through it all. I feel that they stay with it because of the family connection, it is very important to them. Thank you.

I feel we are looking at someone who really has no gender that they would love family life but sadly cannot go against emotions, yet has slowly come to terms with this and is moving forward spiritually and emotionally. Thank you.

May we have the Mythic Tarot deck owner's take on the cards?

My feelings are these six cards are for someone who at one time had what they would call everything, then disaster - there was a loss. The loss could be a loss in fortune in love or even death. The new path was good and helped with getting over the past but the past had made this person very protective of what they now had, protective in the way they would not be hurt again even although they shared in the blame of the past wrongs. The past has been tough but now the coldness and gloom is lifting from their life the hard times are passing and a new beginning is about to start. This new beginning will bear more riches than they ever had before when I say riches, I mean as in love happiness and fortune. If any member of the circle would like to know how I came to this conclusion, I would be happy to explain. Thank you.

Love and Light.


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An introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fotrune telling, predictions and insights.

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