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Divination with Cards - Morgan-Greer Tarot By Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights, Free Development Classes, Psychic Readings, 6 of Cups IV, 5 of Cups VI, II of Swords 2, IV The Emperor 4

Morgan Greer Tarot by by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

Divination with Cards ~ Free Tarot Classes

Learn to read the Tarot for free. This is an introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights. Learning to do tarot card readings couldn’t be easier join us in our free Tarot classes and Oracle card class Divination with Cards. Learn to build your psychic intuition and develop your psychic insights. These classes are aimed at aidding with psychic connections during tarot readings.


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The four Morgan Greer Tarot selected for tonights circle are as follows

The four Morgan Greer Tarot as a group

 6 of  Cups VI Buy Morgan Greer Tarot
5 of Cups VI Buy Morgan Greer Tarot
2 of Swords II Buy Morgan Greer Tarot
IV The Emperor 4 Buy Morgan Greer Tarot

Divination with Cards Morgan Greer Tarot By Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

Welcome to the Cards by Divination Circle. Tonight we are using the Morgan Greer Tarot deck.

A short wish

Let us open to the spirit message and symbols given by tonight's cards and welcome light to flood our circle filled with intuition. Pras jah

Deck Owner’s Words about the Morgan Greer Tarot

I just had a little ponder on this deck and on Tarot in general. Did you know that although the origin of the tarot is unknown, there is evidence of it as far back as 1390 AD? However, Tarot did not become popular until the turn of the last century when The Rider Waite Deck by Arthur Waite came out. This Deck, the Morgan Greer Tarot is the first modern deck based upon the Rider Waite deck. However, you will see that this deck is much more vivid in colour and doesn’t include a boarder around the cards, which I personally find appealing and I find the messages to be clear.

The way I received this deck was unusual as I believe that we do not choose our decks they choose us, which is why we are drawn to certain decks. My husband first told me about this deck. He heard about it on a radio program, a tarot reader came on using the Morgan Greer Tarot deck. He told me about it and we looked on the Internet for it. It was the topic of discussion in our house for a week or so. On a shopping trip with friends, we went into a Metaphysical shop and there sat the Morgan Greer Tarot deck. The owner of the shop said that she had had several people looking at it but it had sat in her shop for a long time. I awoke Christmas morning to find the Morgan Greer Tarot deck under the tree from my husband so I guess it was waiting for me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading the cards and find the messages as clear as I do.

For those not familiar with tarot:

Rods - Spiritual matters
Cups - Emotional matters
Swords - Power of position
Pentacles - Money matters
Disks - Reward for the effort put in

I believe though that you should interpret as you feel. Go with your instincts.

Interpretations of the Vision Quest Cards by Circle Attendees

First Card Morgan Greer Tarot card: 6 of Cups

This card is the past. In the foreground is the six cups, symbolizing emotion and to me love. In this spread pure white flowers are abundant and look balanced. Although some petal and leaves are falling off, this could show in the past a working together had to be realized and worked at.

The two figures behind are a couple, the male is giving his love to the female, and she looks as though she has been sheltered from stormy times. The male in the card does look apprehensive, over giving. The male is a breath of fresh air to her, as she is accepting the gift of cups, maybe but the female has the choice.

I see an uncomplicated childhood of really happy times. There is lots of giggling, so much love, a very glowing feeling.

There is a gift being given in this card. The yellow means happiness. I feel a gift maybe of happiness here rather than material.

This card indicates to me a person who is well grounded. They share their path with another. Love, commitment, family ties are all in the foreground. Bright yellow background shows well-balanced solar plexus charka.

This person has great love and the need for family seems paramount and is now reaping the rewards sown in the past. I feel the family is strong and yet divided at present but yet still together even though they go their separate ways.

It feels like a union to me, one where he is resigned to it and she looks forward with hope for the future. For him it is a relationship based on logic rather than love. She looks forward to the possibilities and growth.

I see the 6 of Cups here as showing the relationship between two individuals, but involving a need to find peace. There seem to have been some struggles in the pasts that are still causing the sitter some issues, so a need for this person to heal something that is still hurting them.

Second Morgan Greer Tarot card: 5 of Cups

Presently, you feel an upset over something close to you. It has caused you sadness. In the distance of the card you face the ruin of a building across water. It may be you were eagerly awaiting something that has not happened or your expectations of something were to high but a disappointment for sure. You hang your head grieving over the spilt cups. This is a natural thing and is set on path to learn from. Don't be to fixed by what is spilled from the cups. Look up and forward.

The break-up continues yet I feel this is not because of unhappiness but children growing and taking their role in life. It feels like the sitter feels their job is done. What more is there for them to do? What is the role for them now?

The princess is gone, as is the happiness. So very dark and looking back on what was feels like it will never be again and yet somehow there is hope and healing.

Past issues have left emotions somewhat raw, but new cups in the foreground symbolize new beginnings. They tend to be melancholy about the past.
They are surrounded by water in this card, which is cleansing. Now is a time of renewal, time to look forward, new pursuits, new insights. It is time to raise your head and walk away from past hurts.

This person tends to dwell on past emotional issues. Looking down and thinking negatively about the past maybe holding some regret but the two cups remaining says that all is not lost and some thing positive still remains from the situation. Look up and see the dream is still achievable.

I feel that this person has a tendency to dwell on things that have hurt them and focus on what they are missing in their lives rather than what they still have. This shows someone who has been deeply upset about something and is perhaps still dwelling on this right now rather than looking forward to the future.

This feels desolate and sad, as though he feels that the troubles of the past will carry into the future no matter what he does. And yet, while he feels that the problems will continue, he wants the relationship to be healed and he wants to have the relationship as whole as he dreams.

Third Morgan Greer Tarot card: 2 of Swords

Swords to me represent a doing card, it is an action card. You are unsure as the blindfolds suggest. Maybe feel that you'll be waving in thin air, who knows? The moon in the background is suggesting listening to within and just because you cannot see, knowing from within when to wave your sword in air.

The clouds and water are choppy and timing of when to act is essential. This could be implying a work situation or something in day to day doing. A ponder for you is when to act, do not over think it and miss the right time.

I can see a smile deep inside this person. They know they have someone on their side. Someone who has always been there and always will be. Even at the worst times, they know it. Oh yes, time to move forward.

They are strong in their beliefs, but can be blinded by being too trusting of others. Truth is important to this sitter, be it personal truths or spiritual truths.

Again water is surrounding this person. The crescent moon over left their shoulder shows that this person is looking for a spiritual path. It also shows a time of change is coming. They are on the brink of new spiritual awakening, tides are turning for the better, but they must be open enough to trust in themselves and in spirit.

A decision is needed here and you are blind to what is staring you in the face. Maybe if you can blow away the clouds you will see things clearer. Your carry clouds from the past and once you let this go you will find the right direction.

The sitter cannot see the way ahead. They do not want to face the future. They feel alone yet calm is around them. Take off the blindfold and forge ahead. Trust in yourself.

She has the power to hurt although she does not see it and in fact feels that she only has power to protect herself. She is unaware that she holds both swords and has the power to choose what happens next. She is a mistress of her voyages not a victim of it.

There is something the sitter is not seeing clearly here, like they have got lost in their own little world and not seeing the whole picture. I feel they have a tendency to cut themselves off from their emotions sometimes, perhaps finding it hard to make a decision about something.

I feel there is a message here for them to have more trust in themselves and not try to avoid difficult situations.

Fourth Morgan Greer Tarot card: The Emperor

You need to be the emperor and be sure of you. You can have control over your kingdom and its subjects. Believe in yourself and know and trust that your actions and thoughts are from a solid foundation. Your conviction to what you want reflects what you get. Concentrate and focus and know and all that you need is there for you.

I see a regaining of power here, overcoming the difficulties. The yellow again symbolizes future happiness. I feel you have a lot to give but tend to hold back from receiving. Open your heart and look to the future and be proud of yourself.

I see this as a future outcome for the sitter. This is a person who has lived and loved well, a person rich in spirit. The Eagle sits at his side showing major spiritual growth.

The yellow and gold tones in the card tell of one who is a light worker and has shared much with others. The Sword has pinned his cape to the Earth showing they are well grounded. They have a good earth connection. The Ram's head on his chair shows that they are very forward thinking in their ways and tend not to be bullied into following but leading the way for others to walk in the light.

Out of all the trials and tribulations comes a great many rewards for work well done, happiness, strength, peace and money. And most of all the knowledge and power that comes from knowing that you have done so well and deserve it.

The sitter now has come through their trials and success has become theirs. This is a person who fights for truth and protects those in need. It has been a long journey but in the end has survived to become a better person. Gripping the blade itself makes me feel as though the pain from past events is ever present, but that he does not want to use the past as a weapon. He constantly looks forward toward the water even amidst the depths of the canyon. He looks for the future to be better by accepting the truth of the past and its pain.

I see the Emperor as symbolizing that this person needs to gain greater control over their life not get lost in their emotions. For me this continues that there are some big issues involving trust that need to be addressed. I see them as facing some difficulties right now, but that they do have the ability to be in control of this. Thank you

Interpretations of the Morgan Greer Tarot Cards as a Whole

Now let us look at all the cards as one bringing together your thoughts individually to build into one message.

You have a tendency to over think things and look at the what, ifs, buts, and wherefores. Pondering stuff is cool but if you think on things too much you may miss opportunities in love and day to day things. If you bury your head in the sand to avoid something it delays it and will return back one day. You are the emperor and have the qualities off this card. I feel belief in self and not doubting yourself is the main thrust of this spread. You have had disappointments but do not dwell on them. Use them to appreciate what you have around you now. Spiritually these ups and downs allow us to grow. Do not let the upset take your attention, try to remain focused on what you want for you and yours.

Overall, I see this person as one, who currently is in a mode of learning and searching. They have good confidence in most areas except those that are new to them. That will come in time. Past emotional baggage can slow them down a bit, but I feel they have overcome much, and are now on the path of a light worker. They are on a good solid path. Water and Earth are good elements for this person to work with. They are a very loving spirit.

Learn from your past but stop dwelling on it. The lessons have been learned. It is time to look ahead towards a bright future and know that life has been tough but it has made you a stronger person and you can use that experience s to help others overcome theirs.

I believe this spread speaks of a relationship, perhaps a marriage. The lady feels as though she wants a more romantic relationship than the gentleman does. He is not nearly so flowery in his love toward her. There has been a great deal of rocks in this relationship, each hurting the other deeply, but both share a dream of a more loving relationship. However he is resigned that the relationship will not change although he is not looking to leave it. In fact, she has a great deal more power to hurt him than she believes and is in a place to talk frankly about what changes they might make to improve the situation. I believe that this will help them smooth the way so long as they acknowledge and accept that they have hurt one another and choose to support each other instead.

This person is also very open-minded. They have eagle medicine, which is richness of spirit. They enjoy sharing knowledge.

This sitter has learned some hard lessons from the past but is now learning to take the positive from those lessons and use them for the future. The power and happiness is there. I feel that the sitter has suffered in the past due to emotional issues but has come through them and faced the future. They are now a stronger person with more faith and belief in the ability to go forward. Thank you

The gift of happiness awaits you but some work to be done first as it will not be handed to you on a plate. You are achieving this. As a whole, I saw this spread as indicating someone who is still trying to come to terms with some issues in their past and letting this affect their future. Sometimes, I think they find it difficult to express their true feelings about this problem, so is trying to keep them hidden.

I feel this is about a relationship and that there's a need to talk about this. By expressing yourself, I sense this person will be able to find some peace with these difficulties and realize that talking about them wasn't so bad after all.

I keep hearing applause, people clapping in respect. An immense feeling of 'well done, you!

The sitter’s response to the reading of the Morgan- Greer Tarot cards.

Some of you were very close, some where a little off track. My wonderful wife and I do share a great relationship. We are both in to spiritual things.

Some mentioned ruins? Yes, there were ruins. I worked in a place for 25 years it was pulled down and I was left on the scrap heap for a while. I picked myself up and got a new job, this time with my second love music.

One of you was wrong when you said the relationship was logic not love. We still walk down the street holding hands after 30 years. In fact our kids think we are the kids.

I am on a quest spiritually. I feel my spiritual side is a little blocked. Even after my father showed himself to me many years after he passed, I have seen spirits and spoken with them. But I am the shy type and yes I do question and hide my emotions.

My birth sign is Cancer the crab so this might explain the water you mentioned.

The cards are Morgan Greer cards. Strange my name is Morgan. But the full test of spirit came last week when I was asked to be the sitter. Then my band phoned and said we need to practice on Sunday and guess what? This class was cancelled so many things came between this reading yet it still went ahead. That means a lot to me.

My past troubles have been no more than anyone else I know. As a couple my wife and I accept problems and deal with them as they come, and then we let go. So some of you were close yet some was not, but on the whole I think each and every one of you did have a little input. Thank you all so much.

I was getting rebel without a cause when looking at these cards. Can you take this? It might be the type of music I am starting to play. More rock and roll or it could be I am trying new ways in work, which does not always look good at the start.

The deck owner’s response to the reading

I feel you all did great. We each had our own take on the cards and I think you all captured essence of this deck. I even saw things in the cards that I had not before especially on the first card. So thank you all for allowing me to share.

I would like to now close the circle with a wish.

Thank you for bringing us all together with common wish and light. We gratefully accept the intuition giving to and by us. Allow the circle of this to expand and be protected. Send all attachment back into to the deck to be reshuffled. Pras ja


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Divination with Cards Morgan Greer Tarot by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

Learn to read the Tarot for free. This is an introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights. Learning to do tarot card readings couldn’t be easier join us in our free Tarot classes and Oracle card class Divination with Cards. Learn to build your psychic intuition and develop your psychic insights. These classes are aimed at aidding with psychic connections during tarot readings.

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