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Healing with Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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Healing with Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Divination with Cards

Learn to read the Tarot for free. This is an introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights. Learning to do tarot card readings couldn’t be easier join us in our free Tarot classes and Oracle card class Divination with Cards. Learn to build your psychic intuition and develop your psychic insights. These classes are aimed at aiding psychic connections during tarot readings.

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Healing with Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Welcome to divination with cards and thank you for joining me, please be gentle as this me first circle! In this circle I hope that we can learn from each other taken our inspiration and seeing clearer. We shall investigate together our feelings and images on selected cards. We will look at a different pack each week the cards viewed tonight are pulled in answer to a Question put to tonight’s pack. So the cards on view are available for a reason, and we could read as we would our own in a reading, this I hope will expand our trust in the spirit connection we use to read cards. This is an open floored circle and indeed without your inspiration and insights, thoughts, the circle won’t work. So please express your thoughts, do please share! I’m not going to sit in middle of room offering book meanings, the accepted translation of cards do not interest me here, inspiration does.

Everyone has a unique view of what card mean to us. Opinions may and hopefully will vary, none are right or wrong, if it makes us take a look slightly differently at our cards, “jobs a goodern” as the saying goes! So please let’s make this as interactive as possible so we canl learn from each other. We will all get a chance to speak on cards shown, I hope you enjoy them, I am certainly looking forward to them. Remember because our knowledge of tonight’s cards maybe new to us, this may help our intuition to come through, this can help to provide a purer message from the cards less is more.

Let us join as one in a short thanks for our focus and protection. With the cards we work with tonight, we give thanks to spirit for interpretation and allow us to see, feel hear messages sent through the cards viewed, let us take and send on our thoughts held with cards, and the energy received is pure and light. Praz jah, We are going to ponder on, the healing with angels oracle pack by Doreen Virtue. Once we’ve got a feel of tonight’s cards we will a chance to view the cards drawn. So I’m going to chill in my hammock a while and hand you over to the packs keeper, to tell us how the cards and their feelings for the deck. Please feel free to ponder over cards and ask Questions, it will help us understand the energy they containThe packs keeper view on the Healing with Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue pack I received the Healing with Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue deck from a friend as a gift when I first opened spiritually. The first time I held this oracle pack I felt their energy I an affinity with angels anyway so the name of the deck was awesome to me. I felt like they belonged, I now call these my babies because I made such a connection to this deck and they are just that. I many different decks, and read 3 decks at once...but these are my babies, they hold a special link maybe because they were my first, I link without effort. I would pull a card and get the answer or if not the answer then guidance. I know spirit are around when I pick up the Healing with Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue deck. It’s just a knowing feeling, they are warm, like spirit, I feel love, like spirit, they are like an extension of spirit in a way, if that makes sense?
Do you feel spirit around the Healing with Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue deck - ie guide holding hands around your hands when holding and reading? I see spirit as always being around me and when I had questions and couldn't hear my guide, at the beginning, I’d pull a card and get the answer or if not the answer then guidance. Are these Doreen Virtue Healing with Angels Oracle Cards made up of groups as ins suits ect like tradtional tarot are there groups of certain angels? Not that I am aware of, but they may do, I’ve never looked at the book when reading these Healing with Angels cards. Do they read, past, present and future, or are they as you need them deck? They come with a book to tell you what the Doreen Virtue Healing with Angels cards mean but I’ve never used it. There are many “spreads” in the book but being a simple person I use a simple spreads. How many Doreen Virtue Healing with Angels cards are in the pack? There are 44 angel cards in this deck. How many angel cards do you select for a reading? The “spread” I use is meant to be past, present, 3month and 6 month, but I believe, you cant live life in little boxes like that time spans over lap from past to future. I do a 4 card “spread” using 3 decks normally, so that would be 12 cards, if I’m reading for someone, and one falls out, that card is Defiantly ment to be read and Will go into the reading. I went to pull 3 Healing with Angels cards for the circle Question tonight, but spirit stuck 2 together; I think you'll see why spirit stuck the last 2 together. Do the Healing with Angels Oracle cards display contrary positions? i.e upside down means something different maybe the opposite meaning to the right way up. Only position they is in my hand, sometimes mine do but often same card differ from reading to reading, the opposite to the positive, I consider both aspects when I look at a card if it is upside down I tend to get a different message. So you leave it to spirit to interpret reversed position? Yes Ido. When the circle was asked to pondered meanings on the Healing with Angels Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and spreads, some of the comments were: All is as it should be what comes, is what needs to come On a specific question.......spirit tell me how many to draw to give the person what they need. Inspiration is the key I feel, if it feel right to you then it is. I don’t feel the cards should hold boundaries, we should do as we feel because maybe spirit trying to help us see more clearly. There are many ways to paint a rainbow, but we all the way that feels right for ourselves. Some pull 3 cards 1st past, middle present, 3rd future 4th as said a conclusion or overseer, but I feel cards however many paint a picture, some more paint (cards) needed depending on picture. I pull situation, advise, probable outcome The cards all seem to flow into 1 when reading they build onto each other

Sometimes all I get is a one sentence message from a card that in another reading gave me reams.

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The Healing with Angels Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue viewed by circle and impressions given for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights.

We shall look at the Healing with Angels by Doreen Virtue cards in moment and see what we feel, after we take a look we can ponder on the meanings. Study the angel cards and see below the layers. Listen, feel, see, say after what insights you gain, however insignificant it may appear, it may be relevant.

The four Healing with Angels Oracle Cards selected for tonight’s circle are as follows. The circles interpretation and impression of the Healing with Angels cards were shared, a sample of responses given by the circle are as follows -

1st Card

Spirit is with you in your dream state, during your dreams giving you messages through your dreams, listen to spirit. They are also working with you to achieve your dreams, remember spirit never stop communicating with us, and their there to bring you strength when you need it.

Dreams about to come true being guided. Deep meanings can be found in dreams. Dreams providing enlightenment, guidance, support, peace, bright to ideas, a time of gathering time

Pay attention to your dreams, an important dream from past and will presently become more apparent. Deep meanings are hidden in dreams.

A long sleep or thought sheltered from outside, protected, the edge of card like a velvet curtain, a safe place, warm and homely, dreams to be realised.

This card indicates contentedness, life is good, we are at ease with the world and at ease with our selves, our worries are small, we are close to achieving thing that we wished for, for some time, all we to do is nurture these, and allow them to come to fruition.

Support, a journey, safety to explore.

This card is intended for the person to pay attention to dreams and messages, that there is many lessons in there, but this could also point to being aware of messages given during meditation.

There is a warm and loving sense from this card, a message to pay attention to dreams, and being led to something wonderful.

A sense of quite, although life is moving forward a sense of something greater is waiting.

The person is receiving many messages and many dreams, and needs to focus on paying attention, maybe by logging their dreams so they can see a clearer picture.

Follow the light and believe in your dreams, a feeling of warmth, cradled in arms, safe, no fear.

You are not listen to your dreams, cant this be for you? Trust in your dreams, they are for you, listen and believe, it is you.

2nd Card
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

Sometimes you fell you've been left alone, like spirit “given you a break”, they never leave us. They are with us always, feel spirit there, know their are there. Call on spirit when you feel you've been left because they are there and will come.

Guidance and protection.

An awaking, a realisation of greater assistance, the warmth of knowing there is more to learn and be aware of, a journey is also apparent.

The person is being guided by a strong force

Striking a sole card, the person is left on their own to reflect, a good time spent reflecting, the three window look out on sea maybe to travel in mind or body, the angel is whispering given the person inner guidance.

They are worrying somewhat about this but that they need to faith in what it is they are bothered about as they are guided in this matter and should not let worry over take them, they need to clear these worries. Over the entire situation in reflection to this card is very good.

Follow and seek not to be afraid because your angel will guide you helping you to make the right choice.

Whenever you are down or upset even though you may not see or feel that your spirit guide/guardian angel is around you they are.

3rd Card

The pink all around this card indicates love from spirit, again...when you feel you no one to talk to, you your soulmate who knows you better than you know yourself (like spirit does), talk to your soulmate, get feedback from soulmate, they know what things will make you happy, what's right for you, even at time when you dont know what’s best for you. The purple around this card makes is such a warm spiritual card, to me purple and lilac is spirit.

Thoughts shared on it were

An indication of the appearance of a new guide.

See the earth as your soulmate.

A feeling of joining, a oneness.

Maybe you a soulmate that is here with you in everyday life like your partner friend etc

There is innocence but the trees are dark, a warning of something over the horizon, be beware.

This person is blessed as this card indicates their soul mate is either with them or if not already will be soon. This person will offer great support in their lives, this is a time of happiness love and contentment, a feeling of joining a oneness.

Friendship is important maybe sitter has issues with a friend at the moment like doubting there

4th Card

Remember, this card was stuck to number 3 (soulmate) I did mention it was relevant and I feel, you friends who like your soulmate, know you well and what will make you happy, these friends can also be called soul mate, the way I see it, soul = spirit, mate = friend, these are friends of the soul and been connected in other lifetimes, share with them, share with your soulmate, share with spirit and listen to their replies, your not alone in this decision. You do not need to come up with the solution on your own. You many willing helpers on this plane and the next.

A combining of knowledge, knowledge being the friendship in the outcome, the real friend.

This person is blessed with good friends who are around and able to help and support in all that they do. All they to do is ask and they will be right by their side. This person is a good friend to others also.

A celebration, a feeling of triumph and understanding, the goal is reached for the greater good.

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The Healing with Angels Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue all as one picture, the overall view

Now that we look at the individual angel cards and pondered their meanings let us and see how they build a complete picture, let us give our view on the overall meaning of the Healing with Angels Oracle cards, as we would read the cards all together.

The circle shared their interpretation as one picture (meaning), the sample of responses given by the circle are as follows -

There is a dilemma here, many messages coming via dreams through guides or guardian angel, there is soulmate coming via friend, since soulmates comes in many forms, to aid him orher on this dilemma.

Someone maybe pondering over something and feels that they cant turn to anyone, no real friends.

All reality starts as a dream that is then made real. So listen to your dreams, even when it seems impossible or crashing down around your ears there is help from spirit to make the dream become real. Someone does understand and care truly and in intimate detail. Friends are there to share both the bad times as well as the good ones. So don't give up, keep working for your dream.

This was meant as overall importance - ie work matters are not as important as overriding message - which is related to true path.

This person has a dream that they are reaching for and that they are worrying that they will not be able to attain it or to keep up with it. They do not realise that they are well supported on this plane and also other angelic or spirit plane their goal is within their grasp they just need to put forward their request to the universe and step forward. Overall I feel these Healing with Angels cards ague a positive outcome for the person’s question.

Positive outcome, guardian angel is there to simply say the person is safe and that it is ok to trust themselves.

I see the person looking for something new and they should concentrate on messages in dreams which are also including the assistance and guidance of angels, which could also be in the form of someone here on earth.

I see the looking as knowledge, works a smokescreen, side-step because they are unsure they are safe.

From card 2, to ponder on this, and listen. There is a new guide coming through for this person hence the dilemma they are feeling, and feeling a little lost at the moment. But in time, they will discover all and through new relationships and friendship they will move forward in their journey both spiritually, and on this earth plane.


The circle then discussed in general about the pack, reading and feelings

It is funny the way some of us saw the cards as a warning and some as a more positive, yes it is all down to personal perception showing there is no right or wrong way just what we feel is right for us.

I didn’t get anything from the actual pictures on cards. The overall interpretation just came into me head. That is why I couldn't contribute to the one card interprets separate from reading was overridden by reading, yes, but it's a one card reading, not one card in a reading

It is like curtains hanging up at on window, and when you close them, you pull them all together.

The colours of the Healing with Angels cards were the stricken thing to me, the felt so vibrant the colours, almost 3d. I feel colours mean a lot when working with spirit.

Can a reading of tarot cards also be spirit messages as I always thought the tarot cards were more psychic future telling etc. It can be viewed that way, another way could be said to be, that the message come through from spirit no matter what tools we use. Ie tarot, angel cards, or any other form of divination.

How do you know what the colours mean in the cards, or do you just ask spirit to give that to you? The colours I feel are textured, a softness and a hardness I use colours from reading the same way I might in healing, eg blue maybe a communication issue or a emotional area of throat, the colours kind of mingled from card to card, like a velvet curtain colour by tie dyeing.

May we ask what the question was? It was a question regarding work and its direction so the question related to work matters, on a day to day basis and the direction of things to come, regarding work?

Thank you for an interesting circle, your input was invaluable to everyone. Hopefully although this is the 1st circle we are able to see, that there was a common thread in what we saw in the Healing with Angels cards tonight. A question that I feel we will answer during the following weeks circles is: the common view we held tonight, was this only an image we saw in the Healing with Angels cards or is spirit given us the message through these angel cards? We will close the circle but continue to ponder if you like. Thank you everyone for sharing your views on tonight’s cards, Healing with Angels by Doreen Virtue.

So it be,

Thanks to all love and light.

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Divination with Cards Healing with Angels Cards by Doreen Virtue

An introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fotrune telling, predictions and insights.

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