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Cartomancy - Divination with Playing Cards

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Cartomancy - Divination with Playing Cards

Divination with Cards

An introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights.

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A short wish:

Let us open to the spirit message and symbols given by tonight’s cards
Pras jah

Tonight’s cards

A short thought I would like to share, before we ponder on this special pack. In allowing us to have and use our intuition in a reading, I feel we must trust and listen more to the first impression and our gut feelings.

I have found focusing my attention on unfamiliar cards, and reading them from our previous circles has, put me closer to the source of the message given to any deck. Maybe it is connected to confidence. Some decks we have reviewed in past circles, the message has taken time to come through, because not knowing how the card is ‘meant to be read’ can be a barrier. After all ‘meant to be read’ is just another opinion and is as valuable as our own, but not more so. There is no right or wrong way to interpret the cards, all interpretations are valid.

In tonight’s pack the more open you can be to your source and be confident in it, the more surprised you will be from tonight’s deck and your interpretation. Opening up to the message rather than the card will expand all our readings. Tonight’s deck will surprise you, and first you may dismiss them as not possible to give a reading from. But please, as in other decks in circle, look at the layers behind the initial impression, less is more. Tonight’s cards are everyday playing cards.

The pack keepers view on their cards.

I read playing cards; we have fifty-two cards in a pack, which represent the fifty-two weeks of a year, there are also four suits, representing the four seasons of the year.

Hearts represent our feeling thoughts.
Clubs represents our life around us.
Spades relates to Time.
Diamonds relates to business and money.

The face cards or a picture card means the sitter. If it is a lady I am reading, I use Queen of hearts, a King for an older man. For younger people use Jacks

The circle pondered questions about the pack.

Do the numbers on the card represent a time frame, for example would a two equal an amount of time as in day’s months or years?
Every card has a different meaning, but the spade cards mean in a time.

Do you use all 52 cards in a reading?
Yes you can do, although I do not. I read 32 cards. I take out all the 2 3 4 5 6 of all suits leaving 7 upwards.

Do you not use the jokers and if not why?
I do not do this; I feel the joker card is not a card to take seriously, when I read my deck of 32.

Is there any particular reason for taking out lower numbers?
No it is just easier to learn just the top cards first.

Unlike past circles the cards drawn for a reading without a question. The cards were drawn on the reader focusing on the person who cards are for, with their consent. I will shortly post the cards for tonight’s pondering and divination. Do give yourself time to allow the interpretation to come, I feel these are unusual cards and it would be easy to just look on the surface and see little, but scratch deeper than the surface and see what turns up. Take your time and do not feel pressured that you have to say something. It will come if needed, but share your feelings as its relevance maybe important to the person who the cards are meant for.

Cartomancy playing cards selected for tonights circle reading are as follows

1st Card

10 Hearts

10 Hearts

Hearts represents emotion or feelings. The cards suggest a fulfilment and much love surrounding the card, this card feels balanced and energy flowing in the way it should, looking at the hearts on the card they flow into each other and seem happy at doing so.

There is a close couple here but the male is slightly trying to persuade an argument in his favour, and the female is trying to stand her ground on the matter, causing some friction but couple is strong.

The feeling of being where they wish to be emotionally, feeling happy and balanced.

This person is moving spiritually and loves doing this, seems happy to follow the path but may need more in time to come, when they feel the need to move on.

Feel someone who has been through a hard time recently, but things are getting better for them.

The person has the foundations right for what they are aiming for. All round happiness and balance. But, I feel there is one problem around them (which in turn) is causing two smaller off shoot problems. But feel the problem has been noticed and being worked on.

A balance of the heart, the card splits in half becoming two fives balancing each other out, I feel this person could be a very emotional person.

I feel that the two people are heading in the same and right direction and are both happy in the current and progressing situation.

2nd Card

10 Clubs

10 Clubs

This card is something, which needs to be dealt with and settled, it maybe an emotional issue of a past relationship, something is not reaching fruition but is a short step away. Do not despair in this as help to move forward is at hand.

Someone close to this person is very confused and worried about what to do in his or her situation at present.

Looking at this card the person’s life is having a bit of a hard time, or life is not being fair to them.

This person needs to put roots down but is afraid of been hurt.

There is one problem that is causing one or two smaller problems around the person like a domino affect I feel if they get the one issue sorted, all other issues will fall into place the problem is not as big as it feels or looks. Mountains out of molehills just jumped into my head.

The problem will be sorted by the autumn; all the tenseness will have subsided and be forgotten.

Sort of stuck in a rut situation where the person does not know how to move forward at the moment. Think someone is trying to offer them some advice, but they are not listening at the moment. Listen from the heart, is something that came then.

There is an obstacle but they are not talking to get over it.

This person feels they have a problem or two. But this is nothing that they cannot deal with, the ability and knowledge is there.

3rd Card

Jack of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds

The man in the relationship is very serious in what he believes in and the woman may have to back down. He may have the correct way forward in this argument.

The jack holds a sword; he puts things into action, by his sword. I think the card gives a sign of the ambitions of youth to go for it, if you want it. But the jack is holding the blade of the sword with his fingers so he needs to beware not to be too headstrong on into this, and know the right time to give full effort.

See a young male, very headstrong, could be a Leo that loves life.

The jack is a child and the issues of the ten of clubs concern them.

This person is young but still feel that they have valid opinions and has a right to stand their ground sometimes and to go for what they want.

They will work it out if it is meant to be, but take care along the way because I still think there is some confusion somewhere and this is the man not sure of what he wants because he is young or immature.

Feel here that this person is just not listening to this advice and trying to find answers elsewhere, knows the solution. Trying to make things harder than they really are scenario.

I feel this is where the problem lies. With a younger male, I feel he is a drain on resources spending beyond his means being a drain on the sitters purse /wallet. But feel again that all will come well. The sitter has more control over the situation than they realise. They have the power and knowledge to sort it.

A young male, that is starting out in a new area, new job maybe or business.

4th Card & 5th Card

Queen of Diamonds & Queen of Hearts


This young man is looking to an older woman for help financially. Queen of hearts maybe a member of family a mother or grandmother.

I think there is a rival like his mom or ex. Like someone putting him off doing what he wants.

There are two decisions for the female to take both on opposite sides of the spectrum; this person does not know at the moment which one to take. Only time and thought will clarify this for her.

Drawn together I feel, there is someone close to you, you can trust and lean on, a woman who you both help each other, peas in a pod, this maybe a sign to trust and seek advice given to you from close people around you. Maybe the cards are saying to unite your emotions and what you want to happen, and this will help.

There is a woman at the moment that is being quite stubborn and making life difficult. Lots of emotion surrounding this lady, I feel this is another family member not in the same household though who is adding extra strains to the sitter’s current situations. Feel it could possibly be mother.

This is the sitter I feel, and by coming out after the young male it is confirming, she is in control of the situation. This is it showing her what she knows already. She knows the problem, is able to stop it, and will. And will win over the cause of the problem. Money problems will disappear finances will be settled and secure which in turn will sort all other problems out (the domino effect I mentioned earlier).

I feel this is not right, one of these cards should have been black, like the yin and yang of this person balance, I feel maybe this person is not sure if they are coming or going in life.

Was not sure at first but seems there is still a bit of animosity somewhere and doubt but they will know soon if its right or not.

I feel the Queen of hearts is a very loving mother, but there are some issues in the child’s life that she does not agree with and this is causing problems and arguments, maybe the 10 clubs.

6th Card

King of Hearts

King of Hearts

he help they think they need is going to come from an unexpected quarter. Look closer to home, male relation close one.

I think this card suggests the swords and emotion completing, the king is a wise fellow who has experience with emotional issues, he knows when to use a certain approach.

I think the man in this reading will grow up and realise what he needs to do.

This shows the stability the family has and brings the reading together, as a family unit the love they have, can overcome the problems, if they sit and talk things through and listen to each others views rationally.

Consulting a male family member such as a father or wiser person in family may offer some better insight in which way to go on this matter.

This is his ruler, this could be an older male figure, but I feel it is more like his inner self, or a spirit guide that shows the way. I feel this could be a very strong card with a lot of meaning.

Take advice from an older male, and they should heed that person.

I feel this is the partner or older male and although loving, he's not fully supporting the sitter on this one. He has his own problems trying to keep his own emotions at bay.

This person is going to come out of this on top, a male father figure intervening to give this person some guidance, in how they should move forward to overcome the current situation causing them anguish at the moment. Feel this person is being asked to listen to the experience of an elder.

The circle drew all the cards together into the overall impression

We now give an overall impression using all cards and our thoughts on all cards as a reading?

There is a problem to be resolved between the heads of the household, will take a while to be worked out. The female may need to back down for it to be resolved but not to worry about that. An elder man has the answer to the problem in family.

The person who these cards are for is pondering over something, which they would dearly love to have. The love is on them or very near ahead, but first this issue needs to be settled before the circle can become complete and the hard work to materialise. The way suggested in cards I feel is to bring what you can do, and not just expel energy at everything but be selective on what you want to and know your feelings truly before you go for it. If you listen to people who are close to you they can help you bring what your doing and feeling to reach same point of happiness. When you strike with passion at the right time you will succeed and reach this point of happiness you want. And you can achieve this by using will power.

They are a couple who have a lot of feelings for each other, but have obstacles to overcome to get to their desired destiny. There is a rival of some sort like an ex or a mum but feel they will get there in the end and grow to a harmonious future.

This person is pretty balanced within their life and capable of handling anything that comes their way. They also have a lot of support from those closest to them.

I think this is a family with lots of love and compassion for each other. I feel there are some problems concerning a youngster. I feel that if the family learn to listen to each other’s views, talk together their love will overcome the problems. The family looks a stable and united family hence the king and queen at the head.

They are having problems that will be better in 10 days see a lot of love, less stress. The young man will be better with you; your mom and dad are strong in your life, very close. Mom is watching him very close does not trust him because of his past. Dad trusts you and your judgement, his faith in you very supportive know that you know he is there for you.

Problem may be some rivalry, and the answer will lay with younger one taking steps to grow up, and be responsible, because if they do not learn, then feelings are going to be hurt. Be true to yourself, came across strongly.

A woman, very spiritual, very loving, her life has had its up’s and down’s but now it is going well, she has a loving family, and is very content within herself.

I feel the person has been going through a pretty emotional time of late with regards to a relationship with someone. Things are moving forward for them, but feel they need to listen more to advice that is being offered to them. Feel there is a mother figure who means well, but that it’s the father this person should listen to, as they have had a similar experience.

There is a problem that cannot be denied. But I feel it is being made bigger than what it is for example, energy being spent worrying about it etc, the sitter knows what they have to do they have the solution. It will work out fine. A very positive outcome but could use a bit more support around from family members than what they are getting. But they are a ''together '' kind of person and can cope with that and they know the family love is there even if it's not always shown.

The deck keepers' view on cards.

10 Hearts- this lady wishes her dream will come true soon; she should let go of things and people that are not here. She tends to dwell on her past. As looking at the fifth card that is her card.
King Hearts to me - I don’t think he's with us now. Think he passed on, as she has her back turned towards him. She also likes flowers plants outdoors I feel drawing to her chest so to me she is very chesty.
The Jack up above her is a son someone close to her she worries a lot about coughing, The second queen to me is like a sister she leans on heavily. This son seems to listen to this lady.
10 clubs this lady's dream will come but she must let go of something that is not there, meaning the king.
New beginning coming to her when the leaves start to fall.

The identity of who the cards were drawn for was revealed and they gave feedback to circle.
Spot on with the lot and - even to leaning on my sister. Really cannot say anymore as you all have done so well. Thank you.


Divination with Cards: Cartomancy

An introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights.

Mystic Familiar offers Psychic Development Classes Divination with Cards, Psychic Readings, Psychic Insights

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