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Aquarian Tarot illustrated by David Palladini 1970, An introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights

The Aquarian Tarot illustrated by David Palladini 1970

Divination with Cards

An introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights.

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A warm welcome to everyone, there is an air of anticipation tonight!

Welcome to divination with cards circle. I just wanted to ponder on a something before we start circle, I am wondering if or what rituals we use before reading from our decks, With my cards I sometimes ask them if its okay to do a reading with them by cutting the deck and picking a card, if I am at all unsure. Before I read them I do give a wish for clear sight when reading them, also I ground and protect myself, by a visualisation of a waterfall. Would you like to share your rituals surrounding your deck? I pray first and then clear them after, do you have to do this. How do you clear them? I think the thought of something can be enough of power to clear deck, every so often I put my cards in order to cleanse them, I sort off spiritually wash my pack with sunlight letting each card have a view of the sun. Maybe every 2-3 months or when I think they need a clean I open them all up to the light. I shuffle mine but there maybe other ways. I just say a silent prayer asking that I understand what spirit want me to pass on to the sitter (understand is the wrong word) but that I understand spirit not the message.

Tonight’s circle
Lets join as one with short thanks for our focus and protection. With the cards we work with tonight, we give thanks to spirit for interpretation and allow us to see, feel and hear messages sent through the cards, let us take and send on our thoughts held with cards, and the energy received is pure and light.
Praz jah

If it surprised you last week how much you saw into the tarot pack of last week, I think this week you will be even more surprised, tonight we are going to ponder over Aquarian Tarot pack, illustrated by David Palladini. In my view, they are lovely looking cards just from the first we have to review tonight, go into them and let them carry message to you. Try to not let self doubt come into your mind and say what you see or feel or hear, however insignificant it may well mean something to the person who pondered the Question to the pack, tonight we will have feedback from the person who choose the Question, to allow us to gauge the cards we saw and message given. Just relax and see what comes.

The pack keeper gave their feelings on their deck.
These cards I have had for a good number of years about 20 I think, so well loved and well worn. These I find are easy to read as a single card because they all have their own story to tell, they are simple but many things come to light in them and even the colours help with the mood of the card. To me they are old friends, in a way they are timeless and still fit today as they did twenty odd years go there is an air of mysticism in them to. I purposely keep first impressions short on single cards then see what comes with a spread

The circle asked questions on the deck, some are listed below:

How were you attracted to them, did someone tell you of them, or did they just strict your eye?
I saw someone using them in the early 80s, I was using Rider Waite deck very similar but bolder.

The colours mentioned, do you relate the colours to feelings or chakra related?
Related to them, more moods, and feelings.

How many cards do you normally use in a reading with this deck?
Just the one pack 78cards, sometimes use a second pack but they are not tarot.

How many in the spread?
4 in this one, I normally do 7 horseshoe spread.

What made you choose 4 for this spread?
7 won't fit the scanner, so kept to a simple spread, past present future and out come

The cards viewed by circle and impressions given for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights

Lets take a look at the cards pulled tonight in answer to a question posed, please look at 1st card and try not to be tempted to scroll down to look at all other cards. The first impression is only there briefly and doesn’t come back, it is in the first impression I’m sure a lot of intuition and interpretation is gained. Listen to this study and drift into the card, look for the symbols and be open, take a few minutes to ponder on the card. Something you may find helpful is to imaging you are the person in the card, where might you of been? , Why are you there?, what do the colours around you mean to you , feel the card. Take your time and don’t feel pressured you have to say something, it will come if needed, but share your feelings as it is all relevant.

The four The Aquarian Tarot illustrated by David Palladini 1970 selected for tonights circle are as follows

1st Card
Five of Swords
Five of Swords

First card I see as clearing up after other people and feel this is the person having to sort out and clear up after others could also be the end of a battle either with oneself or with others but only a mental battle.

I feel that this person has had a lot of battles to overcome in their life but has dealt with them well and in a positive way it has made them stronger.

Using the colours, there is a balance between spiritualness and groundedness

Pink = love purple = spirit. This person has the love of spirit behind them and around them they are not overloaded with their tools but balanced and earthed (the brown) this feels a very positive card as well as a good spiritually linked card.

A deep sadness and a feeling of imprisonment n the orange felt it was of strength and anger

I feel a kind of defeat here like acceptance is needed a bit of a low feeling

A celebration or blessing... happiness and love felt

I feel this card is someone who feel as if they have been through much in life they feel depressed lonely could be a female she feeling really low in all aspects of life.

The first impression I got with this cards was the sky, I found it striking and full of much, the sky colour reminded me of healing but a turbulent time as it appears windy, the warrior (person) looks as though they have been through many battles to get this far and carries rewards from the battles, the battles I feel are regarding doing things (because of the swords) this maybe a doing in mind. The warrior is dressed in a kind of wire around bottom of cloak and looks well protected, from the crossed swords at foreground of card maybe a sign of a conflict, a shall I, shan’t I situation.

2nd Card

Eight of Cups
Eight of Cups

The second card I see as a turning away from an emotional issue or setting to one side something you find hard to deal with be it only on the short term.

There is a lot of red in this card ...could be anger the person is turning their back on things while they pile up they feel they need support at this time ....hence the leaning on the stick ...but the blue I feel is healing being sent to help lift the person. I also feel it's a temporary thing

I feel this cards seems to be saying that the person turned there back on life or is scared to face thing shed on, life seems to be dragging by for them, their life seems to be full of gaps.

The person turning back on emotional issues, but still plugging along in life

This seems like a crossroads in life, a need to let go of the past and move on . The card shows that this person is being confronted by lots of different things, not sure what to do about certain life changes, a pull away from spiritualism and not sure if to proceed, taking time out from it until sure of how they feel.

I feel that this card means to raise the energy level and they need to calm down a little as they seem angry, and all so need to go and enjoy themselves a little more often be going out meet people or even start a hobby off some kind

The cups of emotion are unbalanced, a leaning to much on one side, the person has their back turned on the situation and may not want to face it at moment, it has been a journey, the staff the person holds allows them to be helped, they maybe tired of turning their back on this issue but it will keep arising I feel, but now maybe the time to face and change as there is a strong influence of the moon, in my eyes a crescent of moon getting to full moon, the person may expand like the moon phases, a water card

3rd Card

Six of Pentacles
Six of Pentacles
This is back on the positive again for this person....I feel this cards says they will walk tall again soon....and the scales are balanced as I feel their life will be, the pink + love is back too

I feel this is a good card financially but in a way that will involve others benefiting

This person needs other people help as things seems to be hiding from them but many changes will come for the person

The third card although a pentacle and normally associated with material things or money, I also see in this card the balance of things and that the person is a fair person dividing their time equally among others.

I feel this person can be very powerful in what they search for as long as they keep the balance right, they can be very successful.
Some gain for person and others, coins behind and in front, scales are balanced

I feel in this card that this person need to re-establish sense of balance and also harmony, and that is a lot of love to there family and close friend , and that their loyalty to there family to. May have some money flow trouble

This card feels balanced, the colour first in the turbulent sky of first card is now coming down as a pure energy and no turbulence, rewards are fallen from the sky, I just feel from this card things from the past are now settled and worked through, giving the rewards. Even though the person has these rewards they still don’t seem very impressed, almost like be careful what you wish for as it may come true.

The red in this card to me means the passion for what they are doing, and the pink unconditional love coming down through the crown chakra and resting in the heart

4th Card

Five of Rods
Five of Rods
This card to me indicates that the person should look for help with people around them as there are many who can, and are willing to help with this situation. They will help with a decision that is being pondered, listen to them and then make a balanced judgement, I would suggest look behind you to past to look forward

I feel this card shows lots of obstacles to overcome but to move forward needs to be done

I felt it was a protection card, person being protected from all angles, pink and purple at the top of staff, being protected spiritually
I feel that there are like minded friends around that can help you keep a balanced view and will help you on your journey of discovery. It also shows a very calm and balanced life, from this point,

The forth card, in this I see a lot of hard work, rods being physical cards and that this person likes to keep the others happy to maintain a peaceful situation.

I feel with this card they need to look forward with there life and not in to the past, also feel like they could be thinking about travelling, may be as a friend of somebody not seen for a while, and there spiritual in this card to.

The circle drew all the cards together into the overall impression

In summing up the spread as one I see that this person spent time sorting out other peoples problems and worries and feels that this is what they do best they love to help and find it worthwhile. This person has put aside and emotional issue, or finds it hard to deal with. I see this fair and just person who treats everyone as equally deserving, I also see this as a future influence which makes me feel this is to come, and a hard working person that needs to do so in many ways to keep that balance in the third card. I feel this person has much to do still and must maintain the balance between different aspects of their life and feel the rewards will be worth it

I feel that this person can deal with situations well in life and has maybe questioned if there spiritual path has been the way to go and has now come out the other side and will excel in what they do with lots of support from like minded people

With the colour purple seeming to run through the cards it would suggest to me that something spiritual or healing is prominent in these cards, the person should look to people around them to share and help with thoughts on this question may seem overwhelming with emotions sometimes but rewards will come from battles and things done, don’t feel let down if initially a conflict with thoughts is felt, if you persist and keep to the object and remain focused the question will end in a positive, and rewards will come from all direction, I feel if chosen this project will flourish.

I feel this person has had recent trauma they have to move on from and they are at a crossroads in their life they have to let go of the past and move forward. They will have a lot of money coming their way and will help others cause its what they like to do but before this happens they will need the strength to overcome a few things before they get what they want

The four cards together tell a different story....I feel the person has spent their time seeing to others needs at the cost of their own but have had a long look at their life and things are changing the balance is coming right but they need support but feel their used to helping not being helped so this is new ground for them

The question pondered and feedback to circle, the person who pondered with circle spoke to circle

Thank you for the Question posed on the pack, would you like to give the circle feedback now on cards and the interpretation and your thoughts as the person who posed the question, you can tell us the question if you like, but if you don’t I expect people will let you out of room

Okay, first I would like to say thank you to everyone. I felt the cards read as a whole instead of individually answered more for me my question was …….

~ ”Which path will my healing take?”~

I have had a hard life. I am thankful for it, it has taught me much, I am not lonely or depressed, I have finally found who I am and what I love. I am the happiest I could be, there is an emotional situation with my sister that I have to deal with. So thank you for brining the emotional aspect up. I feel I am balance, and very committed to spirit and really love to help others and make them happy if I can. When I look at what you have all said, you have all been right, as all the messages inter mingled

The circle asked some Questions regarding there interpretation.

Did you see a lot in the reading knowing the questions? Yes, as you have all said, the pink and purple was always there in every card and let me know that I have the support with what is to come and what has happened in the past

Do you feel we helped you with your question? Yes and no, you helped me heaps but not sure about if I will be doing healing full on or if it will ease off

Before we close circle tonight, the input was great a big thank you, I think the cards made us all get inspiration, thanks for sharing the I will now close the circle, thank you so much for your contribution, it was great

Thank you for the love and light and insight into tonight’s cards, so it be.
Praz Jah

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Divination with Cards The Aquarian Tarot illustrated by David Palladini 1970

An introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights.

Mystic Familiar offers Free Psychic Development Classes Divination with Cards, Psychic Readings, Psychic Insights



Guided by Chi, Edited & Designed by Sol © February 2005

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