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Shadow Self

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Shadow Self

You may be wondering what is the shadow self? Well shadow self is in essence your alter ego, which is a bit to simplistic an explanation as the shadow self a lot more complex than that.

The shadow self is used to explain that there is another side to ourselves, another side to you, that you may or may not be wholly aware of, the shadow self is the negative side of you.

This negative you is everything you are not, if you are a positive energy person then your shadow self is negative energy.

In certain scenario’s your shadow self can make you fail to see the obvious, can make you think you are full of positive energies, when in truth your not, and this can lead to complications. It is important to try to remain watchful and to be careful of your shadow self as it can hijack you and make you act without considering the consequences of such an act. The shadow self is an enigma as it is both builder and destroyer. It can be the holder of all your suppressed emotions, emotions like anger, envy and jealousy. It can turn a normally mild mannered man into a wild animal.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance to learn control. Learn to keep a balance, this is done by acknowledging your shadow self. Let it be aware you know its there. Love your shadow self as you love yourself. Never forget that the shadow self is part of you and helps make you who you are, what you are, and despite its appearance of arrogance and such it is truly full of fear and self loathing.

With a lot of work and attention you can control your shadow self and eventually you will succeed, you and your shadow self will become as one within. Consequently with this in mind, it is good to question yourself, look at what you have done, ask yourself 'Why did I do that'? This acts as a good way to be aware of your shadow self and keep it under control.

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