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Sacred Space

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Shamanic Pathway - Shamanism

Sacred Space

I would like to help you all to construct your on Sacred Space, as this will be of great benefit to each of you as you walk your chosen paths.
Some of you may be wondering what a sacred space is? The answer to that in its simplest terms is to liken it to a safety zone or even your comfort zone a place where you feel ultimately safe and secure, where you will not be disturbed or distracted, a place to call your own.

I would like you all to think of a blank canvas, completely empty.

Now think of your favourite place, that certain place you go to, to be alone, picture it in your minds eye and watch as it appears on your canvas. Now think about the objects that are in your special place, if it is outside visualise the rocks and their colours and textures, the grass, it may well even be tarmac if that is what is in this place of yours, a tree if you have one, what ever the objects are and they could be anything just think of them and see them again with your minds eye and again watch as they appear on the canvas. Remember this is your won private sacred space so it can manifest and grow in any way you wish it too. Now think about the animals you would like to see in this place, visualize them in your minds eye and allow them to appear on the canvas.

Many people wonder about creating their own sacred space and worry that they may not have their own special place to think about, they often ask what they should do in a situation like this.
The answer to creating your own personal sacred space is to just relax and let your imagination create and invent one. It does not matter if your sacred space exists in our day to day worlds or not, what is important is that you have a sacred space for, as I have said, it will be of great benefit to you. I perhaps should have said right at the beginning that you dont have to visualize a real place it is perfectly ok to invent one. Although visualising a real place can help those who feel they are not able to pick a place out from their imagination and create it themselves.

I will now move on to tell you why this sacred space it is of benefit to you. This is the first place you will come to in your meditations or if you wish to speak to your guides and/or you want to rest and re energise your spirit. This is a good link to my next point about a special area in your sacred space, an area of empowerment for you to use. You may be wondering what I mean an by an area of empowerment and again in its simplest form a that can be viewed as similar to a plug socket, if you like, just as you would plug something in a socket, say a television, as it makes the connection to the electrical power source it draws the electricity so that it can work . The difference being in this special area you plug yourself in and you draw what energy you need to continue with your work.

Where you place this plug /energy area is entirely up to you, mine happens to be a waterfall and when I step into the waterfall I am cleansed and re-energised. Once you have pondered over and chosen your area of empowerment within your sacred space that is it.

Your sacred space is now constructed.

If you would like to try a meditation to find your Sacred Space click here Sacred Space

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