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Power Objects - Shamanism

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Shamanic Pathways

Power Objects - Shamanism

What is a power object

Power Objects are totems for the shaman these totems are representative of link between the shaman and the higher self totems also facilitate a link between nature and with spirit.

How do you find a power object

The Shaman is able to find Power Objects in many ways these can be though thoughts, mental pictures or images, dreams, during a country walk as a gift. An aid to help the shaman become aware of the power objects that are available to them is to meditate on it. During the meditation power objects or totem gifts can be found or given to us by our spirit guides or animal totems. These power objects can vary but what ever it is the shaman finds be it a rock or a flower, a strange feather or it may appear as something that looks out of place, but is generally an object from nature.

How do you know its your power object

Everything from nature holds significance to the shaman. On looking for your power object you will be attracted to it, it will exude an energy that you will recognise and you will be fascinated to it.

WHat significance does a power object have for you

What do you do with a power object

At times when meditating or even when on a spiritual journey, we are often given a gift of something or we find something of interest to us. What ever it is we find be it a rock or a flower, a strange feather or something that looks out of place, or it may be none of these but it will be something of some kind. This gift/object is what the shaman calls a Power Object it will have a certain energy or property which we can utilise, this power maybe stronger healing or a better protection or a better awareness or what ever the ability of the object it is between you and it.

Above all else be aware that the object has been gifted to you to be used, so touch the object, smell it, taste it, examine it with all your senses, know the object and feel its energy.

We find these gifts in the spirit realm and they manifest themselves in our world, we bring them first to our sacred space where we place them and besides the gift we should place a token this can be beads, bread, seeds or coins, of gratitude for the gift and then left there so that they become real to our subconscious mind.

By offering our own gift in thanks we give the object energy and this makes it even more real to us.

In the shamanic way of thinking, everything of a personal nature that exists in our world, must first be made real/created in the spirit realm, the object will come to you in this world and armed with this knowledge be aware of what is around you, so you will know when the object appears in this world.

Dont be surprised when the gift arrives that it isn't what you expected. By this I mean it isn’t anything like the spiritual object you remember, you will KNOW that it is indeed your Power Object by the energy you feel from it. Your gift may be given to you by a friend, a loved one, as a gift or you may even receive it as a promotional free gift from a magazine, it does not matter how it arrives though you will instinctively know it is your power object.

You may well ask how will we know what the power object is to be used for and this may sound like a copout, but, You will KNOW sit with the object study it listen to it touch it feel what it has to say, you can making a list of possible uses as you are studying the object, listen/feel its pull to a certain word in the list and that is what its use is be it empowering, or protection, or healing, whatever it pulls most strongly to.

Now that we have found your power object in the physical world what now? The next step is to find out what it is to be used for, to do this we need to feel, sense, touch, smell even taste if need be, the object, we need to examine it closely with all our senses, listen, what is it saying to you? What do you feel coming from the object, what kind of power can you sense, is it healing, protection, awareness, these are just some of the purposes that your power object can contain finding out what the purpose is, is up to you.

Once we have decided what the object is for, we can then honour the gift by giving it the respect it is worthy of. After we have ascertained and honoured our gift so we can start to use it. Please remember that we must only use the gift for the purpose it was given if we do use it for any other purpose, it would be disrespectful of us and also detrimental to the gift it’s self.
As we continue along our chosen pathway we will be given or find more power objects, we will gather a nice collection of Power Objects which we will be able to use in all aspects of our works. These objects if possible are best kept together in a bag of some sort, those who follow the shaman ways should keep them in your medicine bags.

If you would like to try a meditation to find one of these power object click here
Power Object Meditation

Shamanism - Power Objects - Shamanic Pathway


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