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Shamanic Pathways ~ Shamanism ~ Metaphysical Defence ~ The Ways of the Warrior Psychic Attack ~ Psychic Defence

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Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism

Metaphysical Defence

The Ways of the Warrior

Psychic Attack- Psychic Defence

There are on occasion, times when we meet with others, that we feel like we have no energy and we just dont feel as we should. This could mean that you have been spiritually attacked also known as psychic attack. So we will learn the Defence of the Warrior. The shaman is most commonly and widely known for their healing qualities and abilities. You may or may not know a shaman is not just a healer, one of the many roles a shaman fore fills is, is that of a Warrior. As you will see a Shaman has many strings to his bow.

If you were in a pub or nightclub and someone was to physically attack you, would you not defend yourself? Therefore just as you would defend yourself in the physical world so should you defend yourself in the spiritual realms?

Throughout time the shaman has been asked to fight for his tribe, so the way of the Warrior is as important as that of the healer as are all the other ways of the shaman and the shamanic pathways.

The ways of the warrior was, is and always shall be
Responsibility -Accountability
Discipline - of self and others

Perhaps we will discuss the other ways of the warrior another time, but for now defence is all that we need to work with today.

As a warrior we are able to build an effective defensive armour and this is a comfort to know we are capable of such a defence strategy when we are attacked spiritually or emotionally. There are other methods we can use but here we will use the spiritual armour.

In order to get the armour you will need to contact and speak to your guide. Say to him/her that you require the wisdom of the warrior for your protection. Your guide will then take you to meet a warrior, if the warrior happens to look familiar, he should, as it is you from times past, from a past life. Greet this warrior as a warrior should. Look him directly in the eyes, with your right hand, grip his right lower arm, and pull him towards you, give him a hearty pat on the back and then push him away gently still holding his lower arm briefly and then let go. Now politely but firmly say to him.
“Mighty warrior I have need of your wisdom.”
Listen to what he has to say to you.
Then once more hold him as a warrior and thank him, then let him go.

Now turn to your guide, who should now be holding a complete set of armour for you, take it, thank your guide and return to your sacred space, place the armour down and then leave your space and return safely back to the here and now. You should now go and drink some water.

You are now protected from attack on the spiritual level and also the emotional level. If at any time now you get that sudden uneasy feeling know that your armour will spring to your defence.

We are now done, I thank you for listening and I thank you for your time.

Shamanism - Metaphysical Defence - The Ways of the Warrior - Psychic Attack - Psychic Defence


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